Courteney Cox on Moisturizers, Monica, and the DIY Scent She's Worn Forever

The Homecourt mogul tells all.

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The One Thing

Our series The One Thing is a Sparknotes version of the products, rituals, and moments your favorite celebrities and influencers swear by—their go-tos, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts. So go ahead—take a brief, intimate peek into the lives of your favorites through the things (and people, and moments) they hold dear.

Courteney Cox has taken over my home in an unexpectedly literal sense. After the launch of her Homecourt brand, the elegant cleaners, body products, and custom-blended candles have made their way onto the counters and sink-sides of both stylish interior fans and celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Tan France, Robert Downey Jr., and of course, forever-friend Jennifer Aniston. Immediately upon getting my own hands on a suite of Homecourt goods, I understood. Imagine if your favorite luxury skincare brand and most indulgent perfume suddenly teamed up to make Lysol—it's effective, it's opulent, and it makes scrubbing frozen pizza crumbs off my counter something near enjoyable. The best part is those cleaners (and hand washes, lotions, and candles) are actually clean themselves, free of the harsh chemicals and bracing sterilizers of typical commercial products. Really, it could have only come from the mind of Courteney Cox.

For a star of Cox's stature, it's almost as worth noting what she hasn't done as her long list of credits. She's been famously selective about both roles and endorsements, making the projects she chooses to work on especially compelling. Juggling acting, producing, and entrepreneurship roles mean she's perpetually on the run, but it also turns the time spent home with her family all the more meaningful—and frankly, the self-powered Cox wouldn't have it any other way. Byrdie caught up with the homecare crusader for a rundown of her forever favorites.

The Trick That Always Kickstarts Her Day

"I do juice in the morning, so I think that's something that makes me feel like at least I've gotten that amount of liquid down because it tastes better than water. Halfway through the day, I drink Guayaki Yerba Matte in Enlighten Mint ($40) and I get really mad if someone tries to drink part of it because I love it—like, please don't touch it, let me have the whole bottle! [My daughter] Coco's like, 'Oh, let me have some!' No. Uh-uh!"

The Products Her Skin Can't Get Enough Of

"I like oil and I like creams. I use a lot of Augustinus Bader, I like the Rich Cream ($175). Anything moisture."

The Items That Never Leave Her Bag

"I have to have Lumify Eye Drops ($22) because my eyes get red. I also like Refresh Drops because they also get dry. And powder papers, Palladio Rice Paper ($6)."

The Scent That Makes Her Feel The Most At Home

"Well, with Homecourt, I've created a lot of scents, but the one scent that I actually wear—and it does remind me of home because now I get to smell it in the products that I developed—it's called CeCe. It's oils that I've put together from different companies, and then there's a perfume that I add to it. I've been wearing it for years, but it just makes me feel like me."

The Place She Always Feels Centered

"I would say my home, I just love it. I like being by the water. It could also be a room in my home, I have a sitting room off the bedroom deck that just feels cozy."

The Characters She Most Identifies With

"I'm playing a character on Shining Vale and I think her sense of humor or dryness is very similar to me. I don't know, there are certain parts of her that I really can relate to. But I guess I would also say Monica [from Friends], because I really do care about organization. And you know, I'm not so diligent—like, don't touch the hat—but it's just a part of her nature. It's part of my nature for things to be put-together and organized. And I actually like to clean with my products. I used to share my bedroom with my sister and I just wanted it to be neat. I wanted to rearrange the furniture all the time. We had two twin beds, one bedside table, and a turntable all in one—an amp was all one thing, with speakers —that's kind of all we had in the room. But that those bed were in every single style like, and an L-shape, or together, anything, you name it. That's all I had to work with."

Her Favorite Way To Unwind

"At the end of the day, usually around 6:30, I like to just relax. Whether it's having a glass of wine in the kitchen or start cooking, I just think there's a certain hour. I'm on-the-go a lot, I don't know why I'm just the busiest person. I don't really sit still. I don't think I even sit down until maybe like 10 o'clock at night. So even when I'm unwinding, it's still standing. But I'm not a sitter. And in fact, when I'm in the car after a certain time, my back hurts. I just like to stand and move so I guess it's the hour of the day that makes me relax."

The One Thing She Wishes Everyone Understood

"Nothing's personal. People take things so personally, and nothing's personal. It all comes from our own stuff."

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