Costco's Best-Kept Secret: Its Amazing Beauty Section

If you’ve ever ventured inside a Costco warehouse, member or not, you know the magic that is Costco. Giant TVs, super-size bags of candy, a prepared foods section that’ll make you drool—it really is the stuff dreams are made of. (Speaking of dreams, if you don’t buy your sheets at Costco, you’re missing out.) Tucked away in the back corner, you’ll find the best section of all: the beauty section. Yes, you can buy a six-pack of Dove deodorant and toothbrush replacement heads to last you all year, but if that’s all you think you can get out of Costco’s beauty department, you’re sorely mistaken. Allow us to enlighten you: It’s a mecca of exclusive brands created by the industry’s top makeup artists and hairstylists and impressive deals on luxury products, all of which you can’t find anywhere else.

Scroll through and prepare to be amazed!

Have you ever tried any of these products? Tell us your best beauty finds in the comments below!