"Natural" Beauty Products Need This One Thing to Ensure They're Really Clean



Natural, green, clean, organic, sustainable, ethically sourced—these are all buzzwords in the beauty industry. They're used on so many different products but can mean drastically different things. The thing is, there are so few regulations (practically none, more like) on using these words as part of marketing jargon or on products. It's frightening, really, the number of products you can buy that offer no real value to those words. To better understand why this is happening, and how, I reached out to Charlie Denton, the founder of Crop, someone who knows very well what it's like to go through the often grueling process of keeping your products certified and truly "clean."

He offered up so much insight, from the reasons brands aren't taking the time to do this to what it really means for our products (and our skin). There are so many ingredients that have been banned from every country other than the U.S. It's scary. So he also offered up a few ways to keep yourself, and your products, accountable, what to look for on an ingredient list, and how to see if the product has been Cosmos-certified—the highest standard for clean beauty products. Below, he answers our FAQ.