The Copper Hair Trend Is Officially Heating Up

And these celebs took note.

Phoebe Dynevor


As hair salons continue to make a triumphant return, we’ve officially ditched our quarantine roots and messy buns in exchange for beach waves and trendy hair color. And much to our delight, celebrities and influencers have been serving up tons of inspo as they jump on fresh hair trends.

One trend, in particular, that’s been all over our feeds? Copper-colored hair. Just one TikTok video from model Molly McCarther racked up almost a million views on the platform. Clearly, fiery transformations are on the brain.

Stars like Phoebe Dynevor, Ciara, and Gigi Hadid have also dyed their hair a sunny auburn shade, and we spoke with expert colorists to find out how to nail this shade.

Meet the Expert

  • Jeremy Tardo is a bi-coastal hair colorist whose clients include Miley Cyrus, Jared Leto, and Miranda Kerr.
  • Clariss Rubenstein is a celebrity hairstylist who works with stars like Kaley Cuoco, Gemma Chan, and Alison Brie.

"Auburn hair is huge right now," says Tardo. "I think everyone is searching for a perfect ‘coming out [of the pandemic]’ hairstyle, and summer is a great time to play with the warmth and brightness of your hair."

Fast Facts

Choosing A Shade: "If your features are lighter, opt for a more strawberry or copper take on this trend,” says Tardo. “If you have darker features, try a warm terra cotta or rich sienna hue."

Maintenance Level: Depending on your natural hair color and if you do all-over color, you can expect to need a touch-up in six or seven weeks. If you opt for copper highlights or ombre, you can go much longer between salon visits.

Goes Great With: Because there are so many different tone options, copper can look great on most skin tones.

Similar Shades: Auburn, honey red, medium brown, pumpkin spice

Price: Expect to pay at least $150, depending on your natural hair color and technique used.

Keep scrolling for 20 trending copper hair color for every skin tone from some of our favorite celebrities.

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Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid copper hair

Estrop / Getty images

Back in March, Gigi Hadid debuted a bold new hair color—achieved by hairstylist Panos Papandrianos—at Milan Fashion Week. On Instagram, Hadid credited Beth Harmon, the fiery redhead played by Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit, with inspiring her new look. "She is dedicated to everyone responsible for The Queen's Gambit," she wrote.

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Anya Taylor-Joy

Best beauty baftas 2018: Anya Taylor-Joy
David M. Benett/Getty Images

Which leads us to the muse for Hadid—the actress and star of The Queen's Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy. Her copper hair is toned down very slightly from her character on the show, but still showcases why this gorgeous hue has become so popular.

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Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor copper hair

Amy Sussman / Staff/getty images

Next, Phoebe Dynevor left Bridgerton fans speechless when she traded her dark blonde color for a brand new hue, courtesy of colorist Mads-Sune.

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Justine Skye

Justine Skye


In May, Justine Skye jumped on the trend with a stunning, subtle version of the auburn shade.

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Most recently, Ciara shared her own spin on the look. The singer, who previously test drove the “winter blues” and "Farrah Fawcett" hair trends, showed off her long copper waves on Instagram.

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Jessica Chastain

Auburn Brown Hair Color Copper Jessica Chastain

Getty Images

Jessica Chastain's copper hair perfectly compliments her skin tone and eyes. If you want to try this look at home, Tardo suggests finding the color that best suits your skin tone. He likes the Clairol Natural Instincts 6R Spiced Tea Light Auburn ($14) “because it’s gentle and hydrating with no ammonia."

Tardo recommends stocking up on two boxes of color, just to be safe. He also suggests doing an allergy test by dabbing a bit of product on the inside of your elbow to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the mix

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Kate Bosworth

Cinnamon Hair Color Copper Kate Bosworth

Getty Images

Kate Bosworth switched up her natural blonde hair color with this gorgeous, shimmery shade of copper. To keep your copper looking bright, Tardo suggests using color-protecting shampoo like Davines Nou Nou ($30). “This will help to preserve the life of your auburn tresses,” he says.

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Emma Stone

Auburn Brown Hair Color Copper Emma Stone

Getty Images

Emma Stone likes to switch up the shades of her natural red hair. She is seen here with a bright copper, although she has also looked fabulous with auburn hair and blonde highlights.

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SZA Copper Hair

This warm copper hue compliments SZA's curly hairstyle. This terra cotta hue of copper is a great choice for those with darker skin tones. Rubenstein recommends visiting a professional for the best possible results for those who have hesitations about coloring their hair at home. "It can be damaging and expensive to reverse the effects of lightening your hair at home," she cautions.

If you decide on a DIY option, she suggests trying a demi-permanent color that’s only a shade or two darker than your own. “It’s the absolute best way to do it at home,” she says.

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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts: copper gold
Getty Images

Just like her aunt Julia Roberts, Emma Robert's natural hair color is a light brown—however this copper hue is a an easy transition for a pop of color.

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Julianne Hough

Copper Hair Colors - Julianne Hough
Getty Images

Julianne Hough is another star that made the transition from bright blonde to copper. "I have never felt more like ME than I do right now!" Hough wrote on her Instagram page, showing off her newly color. "I have always felt like a red head my whole life, even to the point that I've thought that my future daughter would 100% be a red head!"

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Julianne Moore

Copper Hair Colors - Julianne Moore
Getty Images

Julianne Moore is one of the lucky few blessed with natural copper-colored hair.

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copper hair colours: Rihanna red hair
Getty Images

Rihanna is glowing with her copper sienna-colored hair. This side-swept hairdo with big, volume-packed curls helps her hair take center stage.

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Isla Fisher

Copper Hair Colors - Isla Fisher
Getty Images

Isla Fisher's signature copper-colored hair looks gorgeous next to her fair skin and coral lipstick. The actress has in interviews that she didn't love her red hair as a child, but has grown to love and embrace it.

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Bryce Dallas-Howard

Copper Hair Colors - Bryce Dallas Howard
Getty Images

Those wanting the perfect shade of copper should take this picture of Bryce Dallas-Howard to their colorist.

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Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Auburn hair

Jeffrey Mayer / Getty Images

Drew Barrymore brightens up her auburn hair with copper highlights. According to Rubenstein, we can thank the decades past for first popularizing the hair shade. "Adding an auburn tint to your hair was a big thing in the ’90s, and it’s coming back around,” she says.

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Tyra Banks

dark red hair colour: Tyra Banks with deep copper curls

Tyra Banks has both the model-perfect gaze and the copper colored hair. If you plan on coloring your hair at home to get this hue, Tardo offers this suggestion: "Avoid washing your hair immediately before applying dye at home. The natural oils on your scalp actually serve as a protective barrier to guard against irritation from the chemicals in the hair dye."

To prevent any staining on your skin, Tardo says to apply a bit of Vaseline or conditioner on the skin around your hairline before applying the color. And, of course, he recommends thoroughly reading through the directions listed on the box. "Always follow the proper timing instructions suggested by the manufacturer,” he says.

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Scarlett Johansson

dark red hair: Scarlett Johansson with rich copper-red hair

Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow character is also her muse in real life, as the star wore her hair in this copper colored hue on the red carpet.

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Halsey Copper Hair

Daniele Venturelli / Contributor/getty images

Halsey is a hair chameleon, so we weren't surprised when the singer tried on (and totally nailed!) the copper hair trend.

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Dark Red Hair Colors Toned Down Zendaya

Getty Images

Zendaya's soft waves and copper hair proves again that the actress can pull off any hair color. She keeps her lipstick a soft rosy color with soft brown eye shadow. Perfection.

  • What skin tones look best with copper hair?

    Copper has a wide range of tones, from strawberry blonde to auburn to brighter shades, which means it works well with a variety of skin tones. In general, those with more fair skin should try out a strawberry blonde or bright copper, while those with dark skin tones can wear sienna or terra cotta hues.

  • Does copper hair fade quickly?

    Because copper is such a vibrant hair color, it can fade quickly. To preserve this shade, don’t wash your hair everyday. When you do wash, try to rinse your hair in cooler water and use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

  • What natural hair color works best with copper hair?

    Brunette or medium brown hair is an easy transition to copper, as is auburn hair. However, all shades can be transformed to a shade of copper with the right colorist.

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