These Are the Best Hair Salons in NYC, According to It Girls

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Whether it's for a simple trim or a double process, New York City girls don't mess around when it comes to their hair. The best tressed city girls have their go-to salons on lock because they know that looking effortlessly cool often involves frequenting the best colorists and stylists in town. So which NYC salons are worthy of your gorgeous locks? If you're reluctant to try a new spot or ready to book a color refresher, we've got you covered. We asked a few locals to share their favorite spots and mane masters, so you'll have peace of mind knowing your hair is in good hands with these pros.

Read on to find out the best hair salons in NYC according to these big-city cool girls.

Natalie Suarez, Model & Style Blogger

Who/Where: Carlina Ortega formerly at Rita Hazan New York

"Carlina is so easy to work with and so sweet. She works by creating a shade that's vibrant and bold and highlights your best features. And being at Rita Hazan, she uses really amazing hair treatments. I just went from blue highlights back to a chocolate brown, and because it was such an intense change of color, I went for an awesome Japanese-inspired hair treatment right after. It really made a huge difference."

Gigi Burris, Milliner

Who/Where: Tommy Buckett at Serge Normant

"Not only is Tommy a close personal friend, but he has become my go-to for my locks. He also collaborates with me on each season's lookbook by working with the models on set. He is a genius and fully embraces my hair's natural texture and runs with it. I have been trusting him for years with my hair, plus I welcome any excuse to catch up with my friend!"

Nikki Ogunnaike, Style Director at

Who/Where: Deion at Time Salon

"I've been going to Deion at Time Salon in Brooklyn, New York, for almost 10 years now. After wearing my hair in braids for most of my life, Deion gave me my very first short haircut, and we've been together ever since. She's a master cutter!"

Andrea Mary Marshall, Artist

Who/Where: Lena Ott and Amy Farid at Suite Caroline

"My favorite salon is Suite Caroline at 65 Greene Street in SoHo. Lena Ott is the most amazing hair colorist, but I've also worked with Cara and Mauricio, and they are great too. Amy Farid is amazing at styling and cuts. They are truly the hair dream team!"

Lisa D. Cahue, Model & Fashion Blogger

Who/Where: Dallace at Prince + Broad; Frank at Fourteen Jay; Cristian at Biolage R.A.W.

"For as long as I can remember, I have been seeing the 'blonde queen' Dallace, who now has her own salon in SoHo, Prince + Broad. She knows her stuff when it comes to blondes and does an amazing job. For my cuts, I see Frank at Fourteen Jay in TriBeCa. He gives me the perfect trim every time, and my hair always looks and feels so healthy. Whenever I need a blowout, I visit any of the girls at Drybar, and when I need a styling session, I visit Cristian at the Biolage R.A.W. salon—he gives me the perfect beach waves!"

Kristie Dash, Editor

Who/Where: Aura Friedman at Sally Hersberger Downtown

"Sally Hershberger Downtown is my jam—mostly because of Aura Friedman. This sounds kind of dramatic, but I can confidently say she's one of the most talented colorists of our time. She's known for 1) being able to make anyone look good blond and 2) mixing bright, unnatural colors that end up looking supernaturally blended. It's not just Aura, though. The salon houses a slew of insanely talented colorists, like Dana Ionato, who is brilliant and does the best balayage."

Erica Choi, Digital Design Director at Barneys New York

Who/Where: Luis Payne at Hairrion Salon

"My go-to salon is Hairroin Salon in Herald Square, and my stylist is Luis Payne, the artistic director. He specializes in creating really great color. I usually get my hair trimmed pretty straight with slight layers to give my super-thin hair some volume, and Luis balayages my hair from around the midpoint down to the ends to make it look like a natural progression. I love getting it an ashy gray-brown. It's really difficult getting it cool-toned for Asian hair, but he gets it done!"

Rachel Silver, Founder of Love Stories TV

Who/Where: Jeff Chastain at Parlor

"Jeff Chastain. First of all, you've got to follow him on Instagram–it's an amazing combo of his clients, his cat, and his huge tattooed muscles. His line is my go-to—I live by his Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray ($24). In addition to being talented, he's a lovely person and easy to talk to, which is essential in a hairstylist. You have to be comfortable enough with one another to give honest feedback—hair is too important for miscommunication."

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