Stylish Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Guys

Zayn Malik with an undercut haicut

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Men's hairstyles are generally pretty low maintenance, but they can still be super stylish and quite nuanced. Here are some effortlessly cool haircuts for inspiration.

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The Crew Cut

Ryan Gosling
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The crew cut is classic. Relatively short on the sides and back, and cut finger length on top, this is a very easy style.

Keep the top looking polished with a bit of styling paste. A short beard that's neatly trimmed and edged adds to the effortlessness since you can occasionally skip shaving.

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The Undercut

Zayn Malik with an undercut haircut
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The undercut is equal parts classy and trendy. The hair is clipped all the way up the sides and back of the head. There's no blending between the top and sides.

To style the top, sweep it back with your fingers using a little pomade to create a pompadour effect. Use a blow-dryer to add height to the front, if needed. A short beard can add a rugged, masculine vibe.

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The Shag

Timothee Chalamet with a shag haircut
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Whether your hair is straight or wavy, a shag is a hip low-maintenance style for men who prefer to have longer hair. The hair is razor cut in long layers to add movement and give a shaggy look around the perimeter.

To keep hair from falling flat, work a little styling cream into damp hair. Once dry, comb through it to create a more polished look.

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Spiky With Short Back and Sides

Chris Lane with spiky hair
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This style is almost like a faux hawk. The hair is clipper cut very short right up the sides and back. The top is blended with the sides at the round of the head and cut to about one-and-a-half inches on top.

Apply styling wax and use your fingers to spike it up. Alternatively, you could also wear your hair forward and swept slightly to the side for a formal look.

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The Ivy League

The Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League cut is a decidedly preppy style. Hair is cut close up the sides and back, and it's shorter at the crown and gradually gets longer toward the front.

Style it with a neat side part using pomade, or wear it dry for a more casual look.

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The Clipper Head Shave

Jason Statham
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A clipper head shave is a great option for men who want the lowest maintenance haircut possible, or those who have thinning hair. It's an easy haircut to do at home and doesn't require shaving with a razor and shaving cream. The hair is buzzed with a clipper set to the closest setting.

You could balance out this look with a short beard.

Don't forget sunscreen, as the scalp is very susceptible to burning.

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The Classic Taper

David Beckham with a classic taper haircut
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The tight taper is a classic barbershop haircut. The hair is clipper cut short around the sides and back, and smoothly blends into about two inches on top (the top can be taken longer or shorter depending on your preference).

Apply a little styling paste or pomade and style hair loosely back and to the side with your fingers. You could also do a crisp side part for a formal look.

Keep It Simple, But Stylish

No need to sacrifice style in the name of being low maintenance. A good haircut equals confidence.

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