15 Cool-Girl Ear Piercings We Discovered on Pinterest

Updated 04/15/19
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The ’90s called, and they want their skinny eyebrows and chunky highlights back—but the one thing they said we’re welcome to keep is the multiple-piercings trend. Every It girl we’ve seen on Pinterest lately has been rocking a cluster of hardware from her helix to her rook to her lobes and everywhere in between. And it’s giving us the itch to follow suit.

Here’s the difference though, and it’s a big one: The ’90s-inspired ear constellations of today have taken on a much more minimalist aesthetic—even more so than the layered fashion piercings we saw emerge on red carpets and runways in 2013. Thanks to the craftsmanship of bespoke piercers like J. Colby Smith (whose delicate handiwork can be seen on the likes of Zoë Kravitz and Emily Weiss), now it’s all about rock salt–sized studs, floss-thin gold hoops, and other teeny-weeny pieces. 

We know, we know: You already let your half-dozen holes close up for the last time. Or did you?

Keep scrolling to check out the chic ear piercing combos we’ve been obsessing over on Pinterest!

Give Me That Thing

Metal Head

Rings galore! This assemblage of streamlined gold hardware welcomes those clunky ’90s piercings to 2016. If you’re into wearing a lot of jewelry but don’t want to look too dated or extreme, this simple, urban aesthetic is your answer.

Taye Hansberry

Little Mix

Keep your collection from looking too crowded by alternating between hoops and studs. This might just be the chicest tragus piercing we’ve come across, Pinterest or otherwise.

Still With You


Another super-contemporary look, this silver lineup of teensy geometric shapes has us jonesing to hit up the nearest piercing parlor.


Dainty Chains

These delicate pieces reinvent the thick gold chains of 1999. Interspersed with minimalist hoops, the look reads muy style-conscious.

Erica Chan Coffman

Charmed Life

Who doesn’t love a little whimsy? These playful rings’ teeny-tiny size keeps them looking grown-up. Find these exact earrings and more from indie NYC brand Catbird.

Bing Bang NYC

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Ever seen pearls look this alt? Juxtaposed with unique gold shapes, the look takes on punkier vibes. 

Driely S

Rocker Vibes

The amalgam of staple studs, nail heads, and other subtly badass shapes bring this look an (understated) rock ’n’ roll twist. Sport this lineup with a leather jacket and greasy hair for maximum edge.


Hidden Gems

Are you into the multiple piercings trend but don’t want it to be the first thing people see? We feel you. This coordinated trio of rhinestones and pearls nods to its radical origins while keeping things classy.

Mother Mag

Skinny Love

It doesn’t get much more minimalist than these purposefully placed gold pieces. The snugly fit hoops and microscopic studs evoke modern femininity.

Ivy & Liv

Stone Fox

Dig an artsier aesthetic? This pairing of edgy drop earrings and onyx studs communicates that your collection of Taschen coffee table books is extensive.

Creators of Desire

Hoops on Hoops

We love the unique spacing of these tiny gold piercings. Throwing a delicate circle stud in the mix of hoops puts a distinctly contemporary spin on the look as well.

Charlotte van Steenberge

Itty Bitty Piercing Committee

The perfect way to keep an earful of piercings from looking too gothic or dated is to seriously downsize each piece of jewelry. Keeping the color scheme streamlined further emphasizes that chic, cool-girl aesthetic.

The Goods

Mixed Metals

The fewer the piercings, the wilder you can get with the shape and finish of each one. This simple contrast of a yellow-gold star shape and white-gold hoop at the helix doesn’t go over the top.

Jenn Camp

Lower Half

No need to fill your entire ear up with bling. This look proves that restricting your jewelry placement to one section of the ear is another cool-girl way of keeping the multi-piercings trend minimal and modern.

Shoe and Tell Blog

Big Dipper

Piercings are cool; outer space is cool. Put the two together, and you have a Pinterest goldmine. For a similar look, try SpringFineArt’s Cassiopeia Star Ear Crawler Earrings ($6).

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