Is Tontouring the New Contouring?

Just when we thought we had all of the contouring tricks down, enter the Brits revealing their version that (thankfully!) requires way less maintenance than, say, a 50-plus-step contouring routine, à la Kim K. According to StyleCaster, the soon-to-be new trend is “tontouring,” a form of contouring that substitutes self tanner for the usual palette of cosmetics. Yup—our minds are blown, too. Who is going to continue to mess around with makeup when you can enjoy a semi-permanent effect? 

The British way also happens to have a much quicker application process! After using a subtle all-over spray, like Hampton Sun’s Airbrush Auto Bronzing Mist ($42), it takes about five additional seconds to perfect the contour by swiping a slightly darker self tanner alongside cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. Now that's convenient!
Head on over to StyleCaster to view the YouTube tutorial by makeup artist Wayne Goss. Goss demonstrates how to contour along the temple, too, but warns that you should apply it sparingly, since you're stuck with the results for a few days. We’ve also curated a handy list of the self tanners we trust, for your online shopping ease.

What do you think of tontouring? Best amended version of the contour ever? Or are the consequences way too scary, should you accidentally overapply? Tell us what you think in the comments!