The Perfect Contouring Tutorial Has Arrived, and It's Shockingly Simple



Celebrity makeup artist Rae Morris has done it: She has created the perfect contour tutorial. StyleCaster recently released a video where Morris breaks down her full contouring technique in a way that's comprehensive, easy to follow, and guaranteed to yield natural results. It's 13 minutes long, but it's riveting from start to finish. 

"I like contouring to look very, very soft," Morris says. "Contouring is the most powerful thing in makeup, because it can lift you, it can make you look 10 years younger. It's probably my most requested technique."

In a tranquil, welcoming voice, Morris walks us through how to choose the proper contouring products—spoiler: It's always cream or liquid if you're wearing liquid foundation (and powder if you're wearing powder). As for colors? You don't want to use anything that's shimmery or orange. "You've gotta remember one thing," she says. "When you're contouring, you're applying shadows to the face And what color is a shadow? A shadow is very flat… a sort of taupe-y, gray color." That's the color product you want to use. (Morris usually mixes her own with a combination of foundations.)

From there, Morris guides us through which brushes and techniques one should use, and where on the face to apply them. We promise: At the end of the video, you're going to want to race to your bathroom and put her tutorial to the test. 

Check out a step-by-step breakdown of the video below!