A Guide to Perfectly Contouring Every Different Face Shape

We've seen people contour hundreds of times, and each time, it seems to be done the exact same way. Whether we're watching it happen on Instagram, in a beauty blogger's tutorial, or IRL, the process never differs. Draw a line across the forehead, in the hollows of the cheeks, and down the length of the jaw. Maybe, if they're going for a super-defined look, they'll add two parallel lines down either side of the nose. Then they'll buff it all out. Done.

Here's the thing, though. Everyone has a different face, so why are we contouring the exact same way? If we really want to accentuate everyone's different features, shouldn't we take each person's individual face shape into account? Well, according to experts, we should be. Take it from Julissa Collado, director of beauty specialties at Ricky's NYC, "Contouring should be done differently for each person's individual needs even though most of the techniques for contouring are the same. With the right product for your skin type, texture, and color, plus the placement perfect for your unique bone structure, it can be easy." All you have to do is break it down by your specific face shape.