13 Contour Products That Give Women of Color Chiseled Cheekbones

Remember when contouring used to seem so intimidating? There were so many hilarious memes floating around the internet that literally compared contouring to an impossible math problem to solve. Those were some good beauty times. Thankfully, the contouring market has expanded massively with kits and sticks that make it feel so simple. For women of color, there is an array of products that look gorgeous on deep skin tones.

Contouring is game-changing if you ask me. When done the right way, it can literally give you a non-surgical cheek lift, a chiseled jawline, and whatever nose shape you want. It's magic. From cream to powder formulas, you can choose how sculpted you want your skin to look. Blending is key, and the below contour products for dark skin make the process feel like a breeze. Keep scrolling for the contour kits and products for brown-skinned beauties that my friends and I swear by.