6 Fragrance Brands Conscious Beauty Shoppers Should Know About

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phlur ameline


Conscious beauty shopping isn't limited to picking out skincare or makeup crafted with sustainable practices and ingredients. Shoppers are looking at their routines holistically and are also paying attention to the components in their daily (or special occasion) scents.

Brands are becoming more intentional about ingredients and practices used to produce fragrances without compromising wearability and longevity. If you've been in the market for a scent that checks off important boxes (like cruelty-free, vegan, or sustainably sourced), we've rounded up some of our favorite brands ahead. 

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Ellis Brooklyn

MYTH Eau De Parfum
Ellis Brooklyn Myth $105.00

Ellis Brooklyn fragrances are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. At $105 each, these scents fall into the luxury category of conscious fragrances. Each Ellis Brooklyn bottle contains natural and sustainably sourced-synthetic ingredients, and the brand prides itself on striking a balance of both. 

Myth is one of the brand's more popular scents and combines ambrette seeds and bergamot at the top before melting into jasmine and pink lotus. The fragrance ends with a comforting blend of musk and cedarwood to create the perfect sophisticated scent.

ellis brooklyn rrose
Ellis Brooklyn Rrose $105.00

Rrose is a tribute to Rrose Sélavy, the feminine persona of novelist, artist, and provocateur Marcel Duchamp. This fragrance features centifolia rose petals, and cashmere woods and spring musks make up the enticing base.

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phlur ameline
Phlur Ameline $96.00

Phlur prides itself on creating "modern and intentional" scents that focus more on what's in each formula versus what's not. The brand speaks transparently on its website about its fragrance philosophy and why "natural" isn't always better for your skin or the environment. Phlur collaborates with top fragrance producers worldwide to ensure they use sustainable natural components. In some cases, Phlur may utilize synthetic materials more closely related to nature if it's the more responsible option.

The brand's Ameline is a rose fragrance reinvented. At the top, sparkling Italian bergamot and pure rose settle into mild patchouli and sandalwood. The finish has a unique hint of citrus, which feels enticing and mature in the best way.

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7 Virtues

7 virtues vanilla woods
7 Virtues Vanilla Woods $85.00

Barb Stegemann launched 7 Virtues in 2010. Beyond creating a range of fragrances that smell really good, 7 Virtues is anchored on its core values of fair trade, supporting farmers, and creating hypoallergenic formulas you'll love.

Vanilla Woods is one of our favorites and is a sweet scent that lasts for hours but isn't too overpowering. It has notes of organic Madagascan vanilla and gourmand caramel infused with warm amber that feels like a luxe dessert for your fragrance collection.

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Henry Rose

henry rose queens and monsters
Henry Rose Queens and Monster $120.00

Henry Rose is built on transparency. The brand includes complete ingredient lists and functions for each of its fine fragrances so shoppers can feel confident about their choices. Henry Rose is also EWG verified, which certifies its transparency and good manufacturing practices.

Queens and Monsters is one of the brand's most popular scents and has a floral top of violet leaf, neroli, and petitgrain. It transforms into a whiff of jasmine and freesia before drying down with a hint of vanilla and musk. The scent is a true experience that feels rustic yet sweet and flowery from start to finish. 

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dime 7 summers
Dime 7 Summers Perfume $48.00

Dime fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free, and one of our favorites is 7 Summers. Don't be fooled by the name—this scent isn't limited to summer, and is a great option year-round. Still, it has a warm and energetic opening with pear and warm sugar notes. The heart takes on a more relaxing vibe with notes of lavender and vanilla before notes of musk, bergamot, and coconut cream make their way in and at the end. 

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St. Rose

st rose circa 91
St. Rose Circa 91 $165.00

St. Rose is a luxury fragrance brand founded in Australia. Its fragrances are carefully crafted with natural components and a unique range of recycled raw materials.

Circa 91 is a fresh and vibrant scent with citrus notes of Italian lemon and bergamot. Patchouli and jasmine peak through the heart, ending with sandalwood and cedarwood at the base. It's a great option if sweeter scents aren't your preference. 

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