Connie Britton Spills Her Hair Routine, Skincare Picks, and All Things Nashville

Connie Britton

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When we asked Connie Britton if she ever gets sick of answering questions about her hair, she let out a little laugh. “Honestly, I really don’t,” the actress told us. “I’m always so shocked when people ask about my hair, I’m like, ‘really?’” Although it is a point of pride for the actress—she even wrote a witty thank you letter to People for her Best Hair accolade last year—she has more pressing issues on her mind. Mainly, her hit show Nashville, her toddler son Eyob, and her latest role as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador For Poverty Eradication and Women’s Empowerment.
Luckily, she took time from her busy schedule to chat with us about all things beauty, from that famous head of hair, to her on-set beauty tips—and just in time for the season finale of her hit show tonight! (Please tell us you set your DVR?)
Click through our slideshow for all of Britton’s beauty secrets, what is was like having Michelle Obama guest star on Nashville, and so much more!

She Stays Low Maintenance With Haircare

First things first, how does Britton care for her locks? “Oh the true confessions are going to come out,” she joked. “But really, I’m very low maintenance with my hair. I try not to over-wash it, so the natural oils build up.” She lathers up with a Kerastase shampoo and conditioner (she rotates between different formulas) twice a week only, applies her secret leave-in treatment (check out slide 3), and always lets her strands air-dry when she’s not working. If her locks feel dry, she will apply a pump of the brand’s oil as well.
The brand’s Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo and Elixir Ultime, above.

She Sticks to a Beauty Comfort Zone for the Red Carpet


“I generally wear my hair down on the red carpet,” Britton told us. “I love a smoky eye, a pale lip, and bronzy makeup; that’s my red carpet comfort zone.”

Prive Leave-In Treatment Is Her Go-To Product

Britton’s most necessary hair product? “I always moisturize my hair after I wash it with this leave-in conditioner from Prive,” she says. “It feels very natural and light.”
Prive Leave-In Treatment, above.

She Turns to Multi-Function Products to Save Time

How has being a mom changed Britton’s beauty routine? “Oh boy!” she says. “It really makes you pick what products are important, because now your time [for beauty] is cut in half, at least. Now I like things that have multiple functions.”

She's a Big Proponent of Sunscreen

“I am a big proponent of sunscreen,” Britton told us. “I wear SPF every day. And even things like my lip gloss have sunscreen in it.”
Follow Britton’s lead and try EltaMD’s UV Daily Broad-Spectrum Face SPF 40 and Chantecaille’s Lip Gloss SPF 15.

Her Style Is More Simple Than Raina James

Courtesy of Nashville/ABC

How does her beauty look stack up to her character Raina James’ country aesthetic? “I certainly have a much more simple routine than Raina,” Britton told us. “She is very fabulous and I am a lot more simple, but I've learned a lot because I get to try things I would never normally do or wear. It’s fun. Her makeup is very ‘done,’ but there’s also a naturalness to it that Southern women, and women in the country music industry, have mastered. Their makeup is very fabulous, but they never look like a floozy. It’s an interesting balance.”

She's the Face of Pond's Skincare

On top of her busy schedule, Britton has also become a face of Ponds skincare. Her favorite product from the line? “Their cold cream that has been around forever because it’s such a sound concept,” she says. Britton uses the Cold Cream Cleanser to remove makeup and moisturize her skin in one step. “I like to use it on a wet washcloth. It’s 50 percent moisturizer, so it doesn’t dry my skin out.”

She Likes to Stick to Natural Lip Shades


“I’ve gone out on a limb with my makeup and worn a red lip,” Britton says. “But I like to stay in my comfort zone most of the time.”

She Loves Using Green Colors on Her Eyes

When asked about her makeup secrets for red hair, Britton takes a second to think. “You know, I think all my makeup tips go against the ones people recommend for red hair,” she says. “For example, I love using green colors on my eyes. A small pop of color works for me, but I don’t know if many red heads would want to use a bright green eyeliner!”
We say, give it a try! We like Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes ($19) in Green 16L.

On First Lady Michelle Obama Guest Starring on Nashville

Courtesy of Nashville/ABC

Britton’s most exciting moment of season two of Nashville came when First Lady Michelle Obama guest starred. “I was so thrilled!” Britton says. “In her scene, she gave a speech to the troops during a show. It was such a thrilling day, a wonderful day, and a great message from Michelle. To have her there and know she was going to be on the show? It was so awesome.”

She Emphasizes Hydration as Her Biggest Tip

Courtesy of Nashville/ABC

Britton’s biggest beauty tip from long days shooting Nashville? “It’s so important to keep my skin hydrated,” she says. “I just keep applying moisturizer all day.”

Calypso Mimosa Eau de Toilette is Her Favorite Perfume

In Britton’s bathroom you’ll find her favorite perfume: Calypso Mimosa Eau de Toilette. “I love it,” she told us. [Note: This product has been discontinued]

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