6 Tried-and-Tested Ways to Unleash Your Inner Confidence

Some days, we wake up and walk out the door feeling cool, confident, and ready to take on the world. Our step has that extra swagger, our hair is swooshing in the right direction, and we just know we're going to crush it at work. And other days we wake up and nothing feels right: That big meeting is looming, our hair is doing something really weird, and is that a fever coming on? There goes the dynamite: Suddenly we're stuck in a spiral of self-doubt.

The one thing we know to be true about these especially irritating mornings? It's the way you course-correct that affects your day's outcome. From striking a power pose in the bathroom mirror to playing up your favorite feature with products from a brand that embraces beauty in all forms, like Almay, these tried-and-true tips collected from some of our favorite badass ladies, aka our team of Clique editors, are sure to help you hit reset.