Byrdie Readers Share the Beauty Rituals That Make Them Feel Confident

It's What's Wrong With Trying? week here at Byrdie HQ, where we're taking a break from no-makeup makeup programming and celebrating the beauty of looking like you made an effort. Go ahead—call us try-hards.

The beauty of beauty is that it makes you feel good. It's so empowering to prioritize the act of self-care. Whether it be through makeup, skincare, haircare, or wellness, it's so important to put time and energy into you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with investing time and energy into your beauty routine, and you should take pride in that process. We all have things we're trying to work on loving a bit more. When it comes to our appearance and habits, beauty products provide many of us the tools to enhance our natural beauty in a way that makes us feel good.

We asked our Byrdie readers on Instagram the beauty rituals they indulge in that make them feel the most confident, and the honest responses are too beautiful not to share. Readers opened up about past hurts, traumas, and insecurities that they've overcome by embracing their beauty. It's amazing how small changes in your routines are capable of making the biggest impact.

Read on for their favorite beauty rituals along with the products that make them feel like their best selves.

Using a Jade Facial Roller

Jade Crystal Facial Roller
Skin Gym Jade Crystal Facial Roller $32

"Using a jade roller changed my nighttime routine, and it became a self-love ritual. Taking time to roll my face for five minutes also gave me time to be silent and enjoy this act of self-care and self-love." — @adelfamarr

Eyebrow Threading

Byrdie Reader Rituals

"Eyebrow threading! My eyebrows have always been wild, and once I discovered this, it has made me embrace my strongest feature!" —@marigabyy

Moisturizing with Body Oil

Neem Oil
Now Foods Neem Oil $6

"My mother used to bathe me in neem oil whenever I had dry skin. I never knew why she did this until my 21st birthday when she purchased me a ticket to India to meet her family and found out my grandparents own an entire farm with neem plants." — @richelleeva

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Beauty Rituals for Confidence

"When I was anorexic, I turned to veganism and skincare to help me learn to eat again and love myself as I am. Skincare is a less harmful outlet for controlling your appearance, and it's so therapeutic." — @syndey_net

Getting a Keratin Smoothing Hair Treatment

Infusion Therapy Infusion Keratin Replenisher
Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Infusion Keratin Replenisher $30

"My hair is curly, wavy, frizzy, coarse, puffy, and overall a complete nightmare. It's been a tremendous source of stress and has resulted in a huge loss of confidence since I was young. The advent of keratin smoothing treatments has completely changed my life." — @lojhirsch

Trying a Facial Oil

"When I added Shiseido Skin Softener ($50), a jade roller, and Herbivore Phoenix Facial Oil ($88). I sometimes suffer from hyperpigmentation and get really dry in certain areas when my period is about to start. Adding these products to my routine helped me realize the skin issues I was experiencing were hormone-based. So, now I just add a little more love to my routine when it's that time of the month (and all month)." — @sdotcurls


Byrdie Reader Beauty Rituals for Self-Esteem

"I definitely had a moment with beauty where I finally stuck to a routine that left me with the skin I never knew I could feel so comfortable yet so confident in. Ensuring I stick to my daily routine—like washing my face, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer—was a huge step forward for me. As a teenager, I was never educated about my skin as my mother is a very low-maintenance kinda lady, so I had to teach myself everything through reading blogs and trial and error until I found something that worked best for me. I honestly think the major highlight for me is that I exfoliate every day instead of twice a week, which I saw the most significant results in. And also using an ultra-rich moisturizer to keep my skin dewy and supple." — @alyssalyssa

Learning Your Skin Type

Hyaluronic Serum
Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum $300

"I think when I finally began searching for products with my skin's needs in mind that I stopped treating skincare as an indulgence or something to feel guilty about. My skin is allergic to a lot of products, and I didn't realize this for a long time. People tried to tell me that I was just being finicky or that my skin 'wasn't even that bad' and would make me feel guilty for trying to find what suited me. Now after using hyaluronic serums and humectants in my routine, I understand my skin on another level and am really putting that guilt behind me. I'm just taking care of the largest organ I have after all." — @lytcleanskin

Embracing Your Natural Beauty

"As a girl with typical Asian, super-fine, straight-hair, I've spent a long time hating it. Especially when beachy mermaid hair was on serious trend. With my hair type, even heat styling with tons of hair spray, foam, or mousse won't last more of an hour. So, I used everything to 'dry up' my hair just to give it some more volume. I even unnecessarily colored my hair because they said it would dry my hair a bit and thus give volume. I even used clarifying shampoo, which is very drying, every day. All I got was super irritated scalp issues and hair fallout. There were times when it became dry as I wanted, but it was so coarse and bad. That was when I realized I don't need to fight the battle against my hair texture. Thankfully, my hair is back sleek and still super-fine textured, but I decided to treat it and style it properly. My hair can still look nice in its default state. Moral of the story: Never start a battle with your natural beauty." — @annisawputri

"I felt so much more confident when I started embracing my natural beauty by simply taking care of my skin rather than covering it with makeup." — @maria_avramidou

Trying Ancient Rituals

"I used to have major insecurities growing up as I was taught that Western beauty standards were the only beauty standards. I rediscovered my own culture by embracing Indian rituals, a huge part of which was in my daily care routine. Ayurvedic beauty and holistic living is a huge part of my life now! When I wake up I drink warm water with honey, lime, and turmeric (the best Indian spice) as a detox tea. After showering, I always use almond oil as a moisturizer for my body and argan oil for my face, which is amazing for hyperpigmentation and giving you that glow. If I'm in the mood for a face mask, I use a homemade yogurt turmeric mask for 10 minutes then wash it off—again turmeric is a miracle. Embracing ancient rituals that were actually created for people with skin like me has transformed the way I feel and look. That's the beauty of Ayurveda—it's inside-and-out beauty." — @mallikachandaria

Almond Oil
Target Almond Oil $5

Experimenting with Makeup

"My personal rituals in skincare, makeup, and hair care have been fundamental in building my self-esteem. While struggling to recover from anorexia, skincare and makeup was a way for me to build a more positive relationship with my appearance. Makeup especially helped take my mind off of gaining weight in recovery because it was a daily creative outlet that enabled me to see beauty as more than a number on the scale, and more as personal expression. Experimenting with new techniques, fun colors, and textures and editorial looks gave me something to focus on besides my body. And it changed the way I approach beauty by rebuilding my sense of self-worth and confidence." — @sharskincare

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