Byrdie Readers Share the Beauty Rituals That Make Them Feel More Confident

It's What's Wrong With Trying? week here at Byrdie HQ, where we're taking a break from no-makeup makeup programming and celebrating the beauty of looking like you made an effort. Go ahead—call us try-hards.

The beauty of beauty is that it makes you feel good. It's so empowering to prioritize the act of self-care. Whether it be through makeup, skincare, haircare, or wellness, it's so important to put time and energy into you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with investing time and energy into your beauty routine, and you should take pride in that process. We all have things we're trying to work on loving a bit more. When it comes to our appearance and habits, beauty products provide many of us the tools to enhance our natural beauty in a way that makes us feel good.

We asked our Byrdie readers on Instagram the beauty rituals they indulge in that make them feel the most confident, and the honest responses are too beautiful not to share. Readers opened up about past hurts, traumas, and insecurities that they've overcome by embracing their beauty. It's amazing how small changes in your routines are capable of making the biggest impact. Read on for their beauty stories along with the products that make them feel like their best selves.