Meet "Micro-Concealing"—A Makeup Trick That Keeps Your Skin Looking Like Skin

When you think of Kim Kardashian West, natural makeup doesn't exactly spring to mind. She's a beauty muse in her own right, one who's makeup looks are always inventive and on point—but she prefers bright, baked concealer and tons of sculpting. Her long-time makeup artist, though, has coined a new technique which has an opposite effect. Rather than offering up a blurred, air-brushed texture, Mario Dedivanovic is spreading the gospel of "micro-concealing"—a technique that makes your makeup almost imperceptible. 

This buzzy trick is an effortless way to conceal breakouts or uneven skin tone without covering your entire face with product. The result is a nearly natural look that covers what you wish to cover, while the rest of the product disappears into your skin. It sounds like a dream, really, so we had to ask Dedivanovic to divulge some of the details. Below, find his sage advice, along with common mistakes, the best products to buy, and easy ways to make sure you're employing the technique properly.