The 9 Concealers Makeup Artists Always Use on Clients With Sensitive Skin

We don't know about you, but some aspects of the holiday season make us feel a bit Scrooge-y in nature. Disturbingly long shopping lines would be one such example, and chapped, red, impossibly sensitive skin would be another. Sure, we can avoid a mile-long line at the grocery thanks to our handy laptop and beckoning duvet cover (thank you, online shopping), but tackling stubborn and sensitive skin is another beast entirely. So naturally, we took the only reasonable course of action and called in four celebrity makeup artists to help us with the dilemma. Our question: What are the best concealers for sensitive skin?

Since it's part of their job to work with actresses, models, and singers with virtually every skin type, we couldn't think of anyone better suited to advise. After all, our skin isn't just sensitive this time of year; it can also veer oily, dry… and don't even get us started on dark circles and breakouts. To cover each and every base, our experts shared not only their favorite concealers for sensitive skin but plenty of other tips and tricks as well.

Keep reading for the nine best concealers for sensitive skin that will play fairy godmother to even the most irritated of complexions this season.

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