My Under-Eye Concealer Creased Every Single Day—Until I Tried This


Hallie Gould

For as long as I've been applying makeup, my under-eyes have caused significant creasing. After I apply concealer, I watch, hour by hour, as the formula settles into my expression lines. It doesn't matter the formula, the blending, or the way I apply it, the result is always the same. I ultimately chalked it up to the fact that I just had a particularly expressive face and moved on (with a Beautyblender Micro Mini, $18, in my bag).

Then I read one simple trick courtesy of Adele's makeup artist, Michael Ashton, that changed everything. "Dusting powder on top of concealer can cause creasing,” he told The Cut. "Prepping concealer with a primer first does not." Genius, I thought, as I quickly kept reading. Ashton suggests using Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer ($26), a product that smells like vacation and thus instantly gained a cult following. Before finishing the interview I had already requested the product to try myself. Yes, I was that excited.