Comme Deux's Discoskin Reveals Smoother Skin After One Use

Like something out of "Euphoria."

As someone who only posts sporadically on social media (I'm not adept at taking selfies), I typically don't use beauty products famous for their "content." While I certainly enjoy seeing other beauty enthusiasts experimenting with glitter face masks, those products don't usually make it into my cart or onto my face. But when I come across a super effective product that happens to be great for the 'gram, I quickly upgraded my at-home spa sesh (though I probably still won't post the selfie).

Courtesy of my current intrigue with Scandi beauty, I was introduced to Danish beauty brand Comme Deux. The Copenhagen-based brand just launched at Urban Outfitters and offers a range of affordable skincare and makeup products developed using feedback from thousands of customers. I've begun dabbling with the line (the #Glowup Matte Bronzer has quickly become a new makeup go-to and my skin is a fan of the Serum Booster #Bluedrops, but my absolute favorite product is the brand's Discoskin AHA Exfoliating & Moisturizing Face Mask ($25).

Comme Deux Discoskin mask
 Dacy Knight

It's really the efficacy of the mask that's worth writing home about.

It's clear this brand's lineup is Instagram-friendly in more ways than one (and that's on purpose). This particular mask is aptly named #Discoskin because its formula boasts a hypnotic holographic purplish-pink finish that makes your skin look like a unicorn-themed dream. I tried it for the first time during an at-home spa night with some girlfriends and the mask appeared differently on each of us, though we couldn't figure out whether it had to do with our skin tones or the heat of our skin. The same mask on three different women gave off a pearly sheen, a deep iridescent purple, and a pretty pink hue.

Comme Deux Discoskin
Comme Deux Discoskin $25.00

But it's really the efficacy of the mask that's worth writing home about. The mask warms when applied to the skin due to the mandelic acid (also known as AHA), which gives a soothing feel and reassures that the active ingredients are at work. After about ten minutes (enjoy the cool holographic glow, whether or not you capture it with your phone), it washes off to reveal noticeably softer, smoother skin.

I don't often experience such immediate results after a mask. Especially if the mask is exfoliating, my sensitive skin will typically feel a bit raw and irritated after, but not the case with this mask. When I interviewed Comme Deux's founder and CEO Rasmus Schmiegelow earlier this month, he explained that the mask doesn't stop at exfoliating the surface of your skin but also penetrates your pores to deeply cleanse and remove impurities. Since the multi-tasking mask is also moisturizing, the skin is left feeling refreshed rather than stripped clean.

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