5 LGBTQ+ Individuals Share Their Coming-Out Stories

Society has informed itself in such a way that from birth, it's implied that you're straight and cisgender unless you explain otherwise. But it's not a passing conversation like which sports team you're trying out for in middle school; it's one that sparks anxiety, worry, doubt, and fear—fear of not being accepted, fear of judgment. Lin-Manuel Miranda's two-word quote, "Love is love is love," is a simple reminder that regardless of the gender of the person you're in love with, at its core, love is the binding force behind your attraction—the chromosomes of both parties don't define whether the relationship is valid or not. But the "coming-out" conversation remains a milestone for LGBTQ+ individuals, and as a united society, we can only hope they come out on the other side, welcomed with open arms. Of course, this is certainly not always the case, but for those who have found a strong support system, we thought we'd share their stories to offer hope and inspiration, and, if anything else, be a source of warm-and-fuzzies in this difficult current political climate. Five LGBTQ+ individuals share their stories below.