The 7 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day

Dance the night away in effortless style.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes Nomasei


There’s no bigger buzzkill than shoes that make it impossible to walk, pinch your feet, or, worst of all, cause blisters. No one really wants to tolerate this at any time, let alone on your wedding day. And with wedding style intended to make you look and feel your best while you celebrate a special milestone, it’s important to keep in mind that footwear doesn’t need to follow any specific guidelines for your trip down the aisle. Instead, we recommend looking for much more comfortable, perhaps even unconventional, footwear silhouettes to complete your nuptials ensemble.

If spindly pumps or strappy sandals are your idea of the perfect wedding shoe, don’t let us stop you from wearing them. However, if you prefer alternatives to stay relaxed and energized through the ceremony, reception, and after party, consider the seven comfortable wedding shoe options below. These silhouettes generally offer a bit more stability, allowing you to wear them for hours without pain. That said, it’s never a bad idea to take your wedding shoes for a spin ahead of time to ensure every aspect allows you to focus on the celebrations at hand. Ahead, shop the seven comfortable wedding shoe styles every bride should know.

Kitten Heels

For just a smidge of additional height, check out kitten heels to give you a one- or two-inch lift—something that won’t compromise your balance on the aisle or the dance floor. This demure silhouette, in either a slingback or pump style, works especially well for floor-length gowns and tea-length dresses.


Festive flats are for weddings when you're emotionally on cloud nine but prefer to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. If you find that a pair of simple flats lean too casual, look for styles that incorporate subtle embellishments or special textural details, such as metallics.

Chunky Heels

For a bride who wants a bit more lift without the potential for pain, a stacked or block heel will complement all types of ensembles. The thicker shape provides more stability and longer hours of comfortable wear.


If all the other days of your life are spent in sneakers, there’s no reason to stray from that when it comes to comfortable wedding shoes, especially when there are quite a few formal-appropriate options on the market to choose from. Slip into a pair of cushy, lace-up sneakers when you’re ready to turn up the party or wear them all day long—your call.


Slides may be more often associated with house slippers than cocktail receptions, but design details make all the difference. Look for styles that have refined lace or embellished uppers, and for a modern approach to wedding style, add a pop of color with sleek, leather slides that double as "something blue."

Platform Heels

Like block heels, platforms are another comfortable wedding shoe alternative to spiky stilettos. With a slightly ‘70s vibe, platforms are typically easier to wear and walk in than skinnier heels. They also can provide a substantial amount of added height under a full-length gown or a playful wedding mini, creating a dramatic look that works all night long.


The dress shoe market is dominated by minimal shoe silhouettes, but wedding boots can offer significantly more support for a day when you’ll be constantly on your feet. If this is the route for you, try sleek, pointed-toe booties that will mimic the elongated shape of a pump. Alternatively, for a more rustic affair, go thematic in a tall pair of crisp white Western boots.

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