I Added 2 Steps to My Skincare Routine, and I Haven't Broken Out Since

As a combination skin type, I’m told something slightly different every time I get skincare advice from an esthetician or dermatologist. If I’m having a clogged pore day, I’m told to lay off the oil-based products and focus on exfoliation. If I’m having a flaky dry day, I’m told not to scrub too harshly and to load up on hydrating ingredients. For years I’ve experimented with different products and formulas to strike a healthy balance between hydration and clear pores; but through it all, moisturizer is the one step that’s always remained constant. After all, skin health experts agree that moisturizer is a good idea not only for hydrating the skin but also for protecting its moisture barrier. For some time, I was under the impression that a lightweight gel moisturizer was the best I could do for my skin type.

Recently, however, I found myself chatting with a Japanese esthetician, Koh Gen Do Senior Managing Director Megumi Setoguchi, who taught me about a duo of products that renders face moisturizer totally unnecessary for combination and oily skin types, all the while keeping your complexion super hydrated, glowy, and breakout-free. The products are a hydrating lotion and a skin-balancing oil, and applied strategically, the two have kept my sometimes clogged, sometimes flaky skin in perfect balance for weeks—sans moisturizer. Want to see how replacing my face cream with these two simple products has changed my skin for the better? Just keep scrolling.

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