8 Combat Boots Outfits to Get You Through Anything

Kendall Miles combat boots on sidewalk


It can be hard finding a pair of boots that feel both practical and fashionable. This past winter, I trekked through the snow wearing red snakeskin over-the-knee boots, and realized that was not the best decision. My socks were completely drenched by the time I got home, and I wished I had combat boots to wear. They call them combat boots for a reason: They can help you through a range of everyday battles, from unpredictable weather to a jam-packed schedule.

Oxford defines combat as me trying to choose the right pair of shoes when my cab is a minute away. But what if one Swiss Army Knife of a boot is the right strategy to win this war? As any upstanding journalist would do, I rendezvoused with real-life veterans of style and declassified some top-secret uses for combat boots. Keep reading for eight of the best combat outfits outfits that will take you through every season and situation.

Over the Knee

Over-the-knee boots are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they keep your toes warm on cooler days, but your calves and knees as well. We love the silhouette they create when paired with a mini dress, and it couldn't be easier to throw on a coordinating jacket or puffer.

New Heights

If you're small like me or just love the power of a good heel, you want extra height everywhere you go. While heeled combat boots might not be ideal for battle, they are the best for the dance floor because when you’re towering over everyone you’ll be able to keep an eye on the bar and the bathroom to see when the lines are the shortest. Pair any of these with a pair of baggy jeans and vintage tee, and no one will be able to guess your height—they'll just be impressed with your dance moves.

Old Standby

Classic combat boots are must-haves for any wardrobe. They not only show versatility, they show that you could run as fast as you could if you heard of a good sample sale happening a few blocks away. This shoe's simplicity and durability dates back a long time, and it pretty much goes with any outfit you put on. Think shorts, jeans, any type of dress... or hey, even a bikini could work if you're trying to cosplay Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.

Feeling Funky

Calling all Helena Bonham Carter fans—because of her, we can never get enough of this type of shoe. Whether you're trying to stand out or just want to show off those feet, these boots could easily be dressed up or down. Looking to make an impression? Wear these to a fancy event and you'll be the belle of the ball. If you're like me, color-blocking is something that's always on your mind. I've heard that wearing red gives you power and I think that's always a good idea.

Winter Ready

The last thing you want in the colder months is frozen toes. Whether you're trekking through the neighborhood trying to build the perfect snow person or putting your shoes back on after going ice skating, warm shoes are essential for any winter wardrobe. If you ask me, it's all about wearing pants in the winter and the wider leg you go for, the heavier the boots you can wear underneath.

Rainy Days

As soon as winter ends, the showers start to fall before the weather gets the nicest it is all year. You'll need a good waterproof shoe for that, or at least one with some type of platform to jump over puddles while keeping your feet dry. Combat boots remain a sturdy option as you make your way through all types of weather. Pair these with a raincoat and a fun hat and you'll make it through any rainstorm.

Luxe Life

Most people cannot live without shoes, and some people can't live without fancy shoes. Luckily, if you're looking for the best of the best, there's never a shortage of that. Gucci and Prada are classic brands for a reason, and you can always spot someone wearing designer head-to-toe.

Major Statement

For every pair of expensive shoes out there, there's a more affordable pair that won't break the bank. And rest assured that the low price doesn't mean that what you buy can't make a statement—who says a good shoe has to cost more than $150? If your closet has a mix of affordable and high-end pieces, you can always pair a different ranges for a look that's all your own. Pair your combat boots with a maxi skirt and a jean jacket and you'll have maximum comfort without the maximum budget.

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