ColourPop's Sold-Out Hocus Pocus Collection Is Back

We've waited 300 years for this one.

ColourPop Hocus Pocus collection


A black cat perches on a creaky old fence, an eerie fog rolls in around your ankles, and you swear you can make out a faint, shrill laugh somewhere in the distance. One of two things may have just happened: you could be in Salem, MA, standing outside of the old Sanderson cottage, or you could be virtually queued up for the most-anticipated makeup drop of the season. The ColourPop Hocus Pocus Collection is finally back, and it's loaded down with every wickedly gorgeous eye, lip, and face color, as well as quite a few themed extras, too.

It's the second year in a row ColourPop's offered a Hocus Pocus-themed collection, and last year's release sold out almost instantly. Judging by the endless TikToks, tweets, and Instagram posts feverishly counting out the days 'til "spooky season," it's safe to say this one probably will, too. Aptly named the "Coven Crew", the complete collection includes an eyeshadow palette, new shades of the brand's signature Super Shock Shadow, glossy Fresh Kiss Lip Crèmes, a hand mirror, a Halloween-ready face stamp, and—the pièce de résistance—the Black Flame Candle, which also happens to be ColourPop's first-ever candle. If you thought you weren’t quite ready to start busting out the cobwebs, plastic skeletons, and candy corn just yet, this highly-anticipated drop might just be the thing that convinces you.

The collection's Witching Hour Palette is an all-in-one of both trendy and classic fall eyeshadow colors, like warm oranges and golds, moody blue-greens, and a healthy mix of mattes and metallics. Perfect for building out an in-costume full-face for a Halloween party or just a subtle autumnal wash of color, the shadows' blendable textures and major pigment make both a snap.

Looking for a little more eye oomph? Direct your attention to the Trouble Brewing Super Shock Trio. If you've never dipped a fingertip into a ColourPop Super Shock, it's basically touch-therapy—wildly creamy, deeply pigmented, and beyond glittery. It's the kind of product that's just too much fun to swatch, and these three new shades (a pink-flecked violet, a bright metallic gold, and a warm nude that casts a golden glow) might be some of the brand's most versatile.

ColourPop Hocus Pocus Super Shock Shadow


Rounding out the collection's cosmetic offerings are three Fresh Kiss Lip Crèmes in new shades. Boasting a soft matte finish that manages to avoid dehydration or cracking, the lipstick-balm hybrids are made to wear all day. These updated colors, though, are definitely of the stand-out variety: "Hello Boys" is a deep, velvety black perfect for reciting incantations, "Tonight We Fly" is a dark, witchy violet, and "Calming Circle" is a highly wearable warm nude. There's a little something for every cosmetics comfort zone.

ColourPop Hocus Pocus Lipstick


Of course, no themed product collection is complete without the novelties that make them so entertaining, and much of this drop from ColourPop doubles as Halloween decorations, too. The QT Face Mark Spider Stamp deposits an inky, spider-shaped mark wherever you stamp it: cheeks, foreheads, arms, eye corners, anywhere. It's the perfect low-effort spooky touch, a tiny spider stamp on your cheekbone to instantly elevate your black turtleneck into Halloween party-appropriate attire.

To check your new stamp look out, ColourPop's adorable cat-eared hand mirror (inspired by Binx, naturally) is an adorable addition to any nightstand—ideally right next to the Black Flame Candle. Emitting a fall-perfect scent of warm, toasted chestnut with sweet and spicy notes, it's the ultimate mood-setter for a night of Halloween movies. Even just writing this, I'm ready to break out my pumpkin-shaped mugs and flick on a terrifying classic.

ColourPop Hocus Pocus candle


This limited-edition collection launches September 23 at 10 a.m. PST on, and at Ulta on October 3. Additionally, limited quantities of the original, sold-out 2020 collection will also be available on launch day.

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