FYI: ColourPop Is Launching 17 New Fall Eye Shadows Tomorrow

Whenever ColourPop launches anything new, we pay attention. Its products are highly pigmented, easy to use, and super budget-friendly (that's kind of the trifecta we all hope for, right?). That's also why it was recently announced that Sephora will begin stocking its shelves with the brand sometime in November 2017. Finally! We'll be able to shop its cult-classic pressed highlighters IRL. 

To satiate ourselves before ColourPop's Sephora debut, we can shop the newest product they're launching. Except, technically, it isn't one product at all—it's 17 of them. That's right, on September 15, ColourPop will launch 17 new eye shadow shades to welcome the start of the fall season. There are rich jewel tones, brooding grays, and vivid ochre. So grab your sweater, a latte, and a moody lipstick because this year it isn't the autumnal equinox that signals the official start of fall, it's ColourPop.


You'll be able to purchase these eye shadows separately, so you can create a customized eye palette. Whether you prefer warm reds and oranges or soft and subtle neutrals, there are plenty of shades to choose from. This small image of some of the new shades reminds us of autumn in NYC, with moody skies, gray city sidewalks, and dead leaves. 


This image shows the potential for a truly vivid autumnal eye look. We love warm shadow tones, like the deep mahogany, shimmery gold, and bright red. If the last image reminded us of NYC, then this one reminds us of fall in the Midwest, with lots of brightly colored leaves and fading sunlight. Plus, the pink-red eye shadow trend isn't going anywhere, so you might as well get into it while you still can.


Then we have the deep purples and shimmery neutrals in this image. (We specifically want to give a shout out to that gorgeous red ochre shade, called Imperial.) Luckily, we can shop it in no time, since all 17 new Fall Pressed Powders will launch on ColourPop's website on September 15. Yes, as in tomorrow. They will be sold individually and priced at $5 each. Just act quickly, because we're sure some of these shades will sell out stat.

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