7 Colorful Eye Makeup Looks That'll Cast a Shadow on Your Nude Palettes

We've talked a lot about maximalism lately—a way to take back the editorial, creative edge makeup offers and kick it up a notch. We'll always be one for nude palettes and less-is-more makeup looks. That won't change. But we're also ready to shake things up and have fun with color again. Given the ease with which I found each one of these looks on the internet, it seems so are our favorite makeup artists. When you think about it, bold, bright, well-painted (or, let's be real, smudged) eye shadow is a testament to the artistry of the brand from which it's made—the texture, the pigment, the finish. Really, more than just a trend, colorful eye shadow is a love letter to makeup and the innovations the industry has made in terms of product.

To pay homage to our favorite celebrity makeup artists, their muses, and the no-longer-pared-down makeup looks they showcase, we rounded up a few of our favorites with colors you're sure to be seeing as the seasons turn. Below, find the It colors of the moment and how to re-create them on yourself (or anyone else, for that matter).