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Colorful Mascara Is the Coolest New Take on Holiday Makeup

Put down the red lipstick.

In the blink of an eye, it’s the holiday season again. Between rounding out the year at work, flitting between holiday parties, and—of course—hand-selecting gifts for all your loved ones, the holiday season can feel hectic, to say the least. If planning out your holiday makeup looks has fallen through the cracks of your to-do list, we have you covered. This year, all you need is one product for the freshest festive beauty look: Put down the red lipstick and pick up a fun colorful mascara.

The Trend

There are no makeup rules in life, but experimenting with new colors and formulations just feels especially right during the holiday season when everyone is having fun with their (often sparkling) looks. A dash of colorful mascara adds interest to an otherwise-neutral look or it can play up a colorful eyeshadow look by matching or contrasting the shade. The trend is starting to take off on TikTok—users love Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara in Dream Pop Berry Brown to make a subtle statement, and the unofficial queen of holiday makeup, Pat McGrath, included a set of blue, pink, and green mascaras in her holiday drop.

The trend is surprisingly practical too. It's quick and easy to apply—a godsend during the holiday hustle and bustle—and takes no special technique. It looks impressive, but you won't have to learn any blending skills or deal with messy glitters—all you have to do is swipe on a few coats of mascara, and you’ll be left with vibrant, fluttery lashes.

How to Wear Colorful Mascara

For Minimalists:

You can dip into wearing color on your lashes without taking away from your entire beauty look. If you’re looking for a minimal way to wear colored mascara, consider wearing a vibrant blue or pink shade with a simple gloss on the lid for an editorial look. To amp this up, pair it with a nude lip and pale pink blush for a winter wonderland–inspired finish. If an icy makeup look doesn’t sound like your speed, consider wearing muted tones like navy, plum, or burgundy, which are great for playing up your eyes with just a hint of color. 

For Maximalists

If you have bolder looks in mind this holiday season, consider pairing dark green mascara with a navy smoky eye for a look that's subdued enough for formal events while still letting your personality peer through. If you want to let loose with your makeup at your next holiday gathering, wear two different colors on your upper and lower lashes.

Or try matching a colorful liner to your mascara for maximum impact. “We’ve seen the simple black eyeliner and nude lip for the summer, and with every trend, there tends to be the complete opposite after,” says celebrity makeup artist Alexandra French. “I don’t think the eyeliner trend is going anywhere anytime soon, but I love seeing people play with color more as the seasons change. This is a universal look. Wearing a monochromatic look is all about confidence and having fun. My favorite tip for a monochromatic look is to match your mascara to the eyeliner.”

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