This Product Is the Secret to Making Your Eye Color Pop

To me, colored mascara always seemed like something that should be left in the ’90s. The idea of having purple or blue lashes seemed too taboo, and I worried that it would garner some strange looks. However, at a launch party for Fiona Stiles’s new eponymous makeup line, she told us that her husband, who doesn’t dole out compliments frequently (her words, not mine), was gushing over how pretty her green eyes looked underneath a set of dark purple lashes (the result of her Ultimate Lash Icon Volumizing Mascara, $16, which is a MUST, you guys). Having green eyes myself, I decided to give the formula a try, and my own S.O. gave me a sweet compliment. Ladies, perhaps we’ve found the key to the castle.

Clearly, my aversion to colored mascara was totally unwarranted. Daniel Martin, makeup artist to Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba, and countless other celebs, speaks highly of pigmented formulas. “I love colored mascara because you can really make it interesting by keeping it the sole focus of the eyes. The key to popping the color is using a white mascara primer before using your colored mascara. Diorshow 3D lash primer ($30) is great and compatible with any colored mascara.”

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