"Color Misting" Is the New Technique Behind This Mesmerizing Rainbow Hair

Updated 09/22/17

We love subtle highlights and low-key color transformations just as much as the next person. For proof, look to our obsession with hair-dye techniques like balayage, ombré, and even hair glossing. Normally, we love a natural, effortless look.

Sometimes, though, it's fun to commit to something different and dive head first into vibrant, unexpected color. This is especially true in the colder months when it's easy to get stuck in a creative and aesthetic rut due to a strict routine, dull weather, and cabin fever—but you know that. And you won't need much convincing to switch things up after seeing the newest hair color trend.

It's called "color misting," and according to PopSugar, it's all thanks to one genius colorist named Stephanie Lawrence from New Hampshire. Apparently, she was inspired to create a tie-dye, mermaid-esque hair color by the process of airbrushing. The result is soft undulating color that we find absolutely mesmerizing to look at. 

Just. Look. How gorgeous is this perfectly blended color? It's like a unicorn, mermaid, and every other mythical creature rolled up into one. "I was inspired by airbrushing," Lawrence said, in conversation with PopSugar. "We see a lot of it with nails and even on clothes, but not with hair. My friend Stephanie Hodges did a color with an airbrush machine a while back, and it was beautiful. So, I've been thinking, 'What can I do to mimic it without the hassle of the machine?'" 

After her inspiration struck, she got down to business. She started by diluting her favorite Pulp Riot dye in water. She then sprayed it onto a section of hair, before taking another color and doing the same. After each color had been sprayed onto the hair, section by section, she covered it with mesh and paper foil to let it develop.

"This technique is done best with Pulp Riot because of its lotion base," she said. "It's easy to mix with water without getting a chunky consistency — and it's made [of] premium dyes so it doesn't lose as much vibrancy when diluted as other lines, thus making your outcome vibrant but soft." 

As you can see from the video, Lawrence isn't joking when she says she sprays the dye. To us, it looks like the trick is to make sure each color slightly overlaps all over the base of blond hair. Sure, it looks and sounds simple enough, but it results in a complex, perfectly melded head of rainbow hair. The fact that this is viral is just further proof that the unicorn trend (colorful, rainbow, holographic, or sparkly hair and makeup) is far from being over. And honestly, if it looks like this, we're totally okay with that. 

Head over the PopSugar to see the full article. Next, see how those colorful Lush bath bombs are made.

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