8 Precautions to Take When Coloring Your Hair, From an Expert Who's Seen It All

I've been through the ringer with my hair. It's fine yet very textured, and I spend four hours dying it a cool blonde every few months. The lack of volume makes it so I can't use products that will weigh it down, but because of its curl, I need extra hydration. Add bleach to the mix, and, well, damage is always an issue.

Frankly, I hadn't been taking very good care of my hair when I met Matt Rez, a colorist at Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills and Redken's newest brand ambassador.. He was the first and only colorist to really take into account the health of my hair as he colored it. He cared for every strand—making sure not to paint over sections that had been done before and recommending products to use as homework before next time. Under his care, my hair has grown more over the last few months than ever before, and my color's never looked better. As I sat in the chair, he'd regale me with stories of other clients just like me—those who'd come in without any idea why their hair was breaking off or what to do to prevent it. He's really seen it all. So, I had his assistant give away all his secrets for maintaining the health of your hair and preventing the ever-feared "chemical haircut." Below, find her tips.