I Tried It: Color-Correcting Treatments for Red, Sensitive Skin

I have the type of skin that erupts in red patches after swiping on daily moisturizer. When I'm cold, the center of my face—namely my nose—resembles that of a certain reindeer. Hot? It's even worse. Let's just say that after ninth-grade gym class, my friends would stop me in the hall to ask if I was okay and force me to drink water. I had to kindly (and embarrassingly) explain that no, I was not dying from extreme heat stroke; my face is just this red. No amount of concealer or foundation could hide it either, so that was the year I accepted it: I was indeed cursed with irritable, blotchy skin.

Now that I'm in my 20s, the problem is still present, though more manageable. I have my trusty redness-disguising concealers and color-correcting sticks (for the sake of specificity, I love the E.l.f. color-correcting sticks, $4, which are super affordable and super efficient). But I still yearn for that cure-all tone-correcting product. That's why I thought it was time to try a few redness-relieving treatments. Instead of a temporary fix, these five products nourish, calm, and cure skin woes for improvement over time—all while targeting that loathed redness. Keep reading to see a handful of products that promise to cure your red skin woes.