It's Official: This Color-Changing Lipstick Is the Coolest Thing We've Ever Seen


Isabella Behravan

I. Hate. Lipstick. (Say that with the same inflection as Oprah talking about bread.) I know it's hardly a popular opinion—especially as a beauty editor—but it's the truth. I find most lippies messy, drying, and ultimately unworthy of the trouble.

So when a formula comes along that I not only can tolerate but also actually like, it's a momentous occasion indeed. Rituel de Fille's beautifully pigmented Enchanted Lip Sheers ($21) fall under this category, as does Glossier's demi-matte Generation G ($18) collection. And now, I can add a (very) little-known brand called Sassy Lips to this discerning mix.

Before we even dive into how well these lipsticks work, we could start by focusing on sheer curb appeal, and I do mean sheer—the lip colors in the brand's Make the Moment collection are translucent and technicolored, and each enclose tiny little flowers and gold flakes, giving the illusion of encased amber.