OMG: Collagen Beer Now Exists

Perhaps you came into work today lamenting the tedious projects ahead of you. Perhaps you got zero sleep because your neighbor stayed up blasting reruns of Ab Fab. Whatever the reason you’re not in the greatest mood, we’re about to share something that will change the course of your day (and, perhaps, life) for the better: Collagen-infused beer exists. Somewhere in the world (namely Japan), a beer has been created that contains 5% alcohol and two grams of collagen per can. So you can now get drunk and get better skin at the same time—i.e., the realization of our wildest dreams. The beer, aptly named Precious, is created by Japanese alcohol distributor Suntory, reports Charlotte’s Book. The tagline? Loosely translated from Japanese, “Guys can tell if a girl is taking collagen or not.” Zing! 

As for whether or not ingesting collagen—through beer or supplement form—actually benefits your skin, we asked a top derm to tell us the truth. (Hint: It’s a surprisingly positive answer.) Sadly, this magical beer in question is only available in the Japanese city of Hokkaido for now, but we will be anxiously awaiting its arrival stateside (sans sexist tagline). In the meantime, flights to Japan are fairly cheap right now, aren’t they? 

In the meantime, shop one of the buzziest new collagen-infused beauty supplements: Fountain’s The Photo-Collagen Molecule ($40). 

Head over to Charlotte's Book to read the rest of the story, and tell us—would you ever try collagen-infused beer? Sound off below!