The Chic Beauty Destination French Women Are Obsessed With


The Blonde Salad

Situated on the corner of Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris is France’s chicest department store, boasting everything from toys to clothing to beauty products. It’s so chic, in fact, that it even houses a water bar serving more than 100 brands of bottled H20. It’s where cool meets everything else and where everyone goes to be cool. Its name? Colette.

The mother-daughter duo (Colette and Sarah Andelman, respectively) who started the hip click-and-brick shop wanted to create a “surprising, refreshing, and inspiring” hub for global brands of all categories, according to WWD. Their goal is to create something that’s continuously evolving while also remaining familiar and true to its artistic, eclectic roots.

Colette was one of the first shops to marry luxury brands with street style, the latter of which, the duo says, played an integral role in their recipe for Colette’s “cocktail,” even in terms of beauty.

Which brings us to Colette’s Beauty Box, the section of the three-story shop that beauty lovers across the globe make a special trip just to peruse. It’s there you’ll find international beauty brands that most department stores don’t carry, as well as the obvious French brands beloved by the locals. Below, we’ve included a selection of the best products at Colette (some of which you may already be familiar with, all of which are shoppable online).