Swoon: Your Favorite Riverdale Couple Just Posted a Beauty Tutorial

cole sprouse

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but if you were expecting a sparkling makeup tutorial from one of your favorite Riverdale girls, the following content might come as a bit of disappointment. However, if you're in need of a laugh or just can't get enough of Cole Sprouse and his beloved alter ego, Jughead, well, in that case, you are very much in luck.

Known for their mischievous offscreen antics, the Riverdale cast never fails to provide fans with plenty of Instagram fodder, and the latest installment of entertainment comes via Camila Mendes (aka Veronica Lodge in Riverdale speak), when she captured 25-year-old Sprouse debuting his skills as an up-and-coming beauty blogger.

In a blessed act of kindness, MTV regrammed the interview so that the clip (which originally lived in Mendes's Instagram story) could live on past the 24-hour time limit. Narrated by Sprouse's onscreen girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, the uncoordinated commentary and hand action become all the more hilarious.

For instance, as Lili initially says she's going to start with a lip, Sprouse throws a curveball and begins with an exaggerated eye look.

"What am I doing? I'm crazy! Oh my god," Reinhart kids as she struggles to keep up with Sprouse's untethered excitement. Our opinion? He's a natural.

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