13 Coffee Manicures to Perk Up Your Nail Game

coffee nails by amy le


Fact: Your morning coffee does the absolute most. Whether you opt for cold brew with a pump of hazelnut syrup, an iced Americano and splash of almond milk, or live for the seasonal lattes from your local cafe, that tiny-but-mighty cup of coffee pulls heroics to help motivate you through the start of your day. As it turns out, that morning drink order happens to be our latest nail art muse. 

Coffee-inspired nail art is having a moment on Instagram, and we can definitely see why. The look's color palette effortlessly complements your wardrobe choices while giving a nod to your barista’s skillful latte art swirls. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a list of our 13 favorite coffee-inspired manicures, each as personalized as your daily order and sure to give you an extra jolt of energy. Check them out below.

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French Roast

Light and dark brown swirl nail design with white French tips


Whether you like it or not, French tips are making a comeback, and these skillful mocha and caramel swirls help to give the classic look some extra edge.

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Kaffé Latté

Drawing upon memories of growing up in Queens, New York, and spending time in Haiti drinking kaffé with her grandmother, nail artist Gracie J created a tone-on-tone look that pairs rich chocolate and coffee hues. Can’t hold a steady hand? Buy a set directly from Gracie’s store for $30 (theeditorialnail.com).

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Carmelita Tips

Nail artist Tahsiyn Harley remixed the French tip, opting for coffee-colored tips adorned with caramel dotwork. Try your hand at the design by dipping either a needle or nail dotter tool into your lacquer of choice, then dotting a pattern onto your own set.

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Negative Space Swirls

Brown gradient French tip nail design with negative space swirls


In what she dubs a “modern French tip,” nail artist Na Ho concentrated negative space latte swirls at the very top of each nail in graduating coffee shop tones veering from dark to light.

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Latte-Toned Gradient Nails

Dark brown to cream gradient nails


Combine both the coffee and gradient nail trends by picking up five of your favorite neutrals and lacquering the shades onto each digit.

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Celestial Seasonings

Dark brown manicure with celestial-and-clear accent nails


Nail artist Lauren of lolo.nailedit combined charm bracelet-esque patterns adorned with stars and moons with a rich brown tone. It adds witchy vibes to this already bold look. Try your hand at a similar effect by using a nail dotter tool and fine-tipped brush to create the precise shapes.

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Mocha Tips and Tricks

Mocha-colored French manicure in front of cookie and coffee spread


Choose a rich mocha hue and alternate between full-coverage, French tips, and well-placed swoops to create a graphic yet uniform finish.

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'90s Starbucks Realness

Multi-design cream and brown nail art


What’s cooler than a trip to the mall and a pit stop at Claire’s before Frappucinos? This neutral-toned mani with serious ‘90s vibes. When starting with a darker-toned base, use a fine-tipped brush dipped in a lighter hue to really make your smiley-face design pop.

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Brown and cream yin/yang nail design


Let this tone-on-tone pattern bring balance to your nail art routine, not unlike your signature order with an extra pump of sugar.

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Coordinated Clashing

brown multi design nail art


Go for the bold (roast) by combining a handful of trendy prints in streamlined coffee tones.

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'70s Coffee Shop Vibes

Varied brown tones sun ray nail design


When you want to channel your favorite medium roast at 7 a.m., but you’re meeting Eric Forman and co. to hang out down the street at 8, this ‘70s-inspired pattern is the way to go. Start by painting a cream hue onto your tips, then varying shades of brown and orange into a sun-like pattern over the top.

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Caramel Drips

Neutral manicure with brown and orange swirl detail


Want an extra pump of caramel with that? This amber-toned drip pattern serves equal parts fall vibes and salted caramel realness in a few artfully placed strokes.

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Frappuccino Tips

Neutral marbled swirl French manicure


Mirror your super-sweet blended Frap with this neutral marbled pattern, concentrated on the tip of each nail.

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