This Morning Habit Could Make You Live Longer, Says Science



I'd be the first to tell you that coffee "saves my life" every morning, but now there's actually some non-dramatic validity to that claim. New research shows that those who drink a moderate amount of coffee—that is, one to five cups a day—cut their risk of early death slightly more than those who don't.

After monitoring a group of male and female coffee drinkers over a 30-year period, scientists found that the group collectively had lower incidents of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, neurological disease, and even suicide than those who skipped java on a daily basis. Interestingly, decaf still fell under the umbrella of coffee drinkers, to positive results.

We're not sure what to raise our mug to more—a longer, healthier life or the fact that five cups a day qualifies as "moderate." Bottoms up either way. 

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How many cups of coffee do you drink every day? Do you ever try to detox from your morning espresso? Tell us about your caffeine habits below.