It's National Coffee Day—Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Coffee-Themed Products


Urban Outfitters Blog

Today is cause for celebration. It's a glorious holiday that reminds us of one of life's greatest and simplest pleasures. Today is National Coffee Day. If you're like me, a self-confessed coffee addict, then you've been celebrating all day (whether you've been aware of it or not), by drinking your preferred cup. For me, it's black coffee, and I don't think I can accurately explain to what extent a steaming, swirling mug of the inky beverage means to my morning (and subsequent day, evening, and night). It awakens, invigorates, and reminds me to slow down and enjoy my time, no matter how pressed and chaotic the day may be.

But I don't want to limit my coffee exposure to a cup (or two or three) during the day. Coffee contains a whole host of beneficial beauty ingredients, which is why it's found in so many of our favorite hair and skincare products. It has also inspired rich, dark-hued makeup that's perfect for the moody vibe of fall and winter. Keep reading to see the 10 best coffee-themed products to use today on National Coffee Day (and every other day)