The Best Coconut Oil Lip Balms for Insanely Hydrated Lips

If we've learned just two things during our time as beauty editors, it's that you can never have enough lip balm, and when in doubt, cover every inch of yourself in coconut oil. We're joking, but not really… Say what you want about coconut oil, but when it comes to its luscious moisturizing abilities, it's rather unbeatable.

Plus it has omega fatty acid–infused and antibacterial perks to back it up. Therefore it's not all too uncommon for us to willfully push aside our fancy lotions, butters, and creams in favor of our one-stop-shop tube of coconut oil. Not only does it moisturize in a far superior manner than most other hydrating concoctions we own, it also yields a healthily glowing after-effect we can't get enough of.

So why not spread the love to our lips? We've been known to rub the pure stuff on our pout as a pre-bedtime masking ritual, but for everyday use, a multifaceted coconut oil–infused lip balm would be twice as nice. And thankfully many of our favorite beauty brands are delivering.

Keep reading for our roundup of the best coconut oil–enriched lip balms money can buy.

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