Coconut Oil for Hair Growth: Gimmick or Effective?



In the beauty industry, coconut oil is touted as the ultimate go-to and fix-everything product. Use it in place of other makeup, skincare, and hair formulas. Dry skin? Apply coconut oil and you'll wake up with an ultra-glowy complexion. Trying to avoid any harsh chemicals in your makeup remover? Coconut oil comes to the rescue, effortlessly breaking apart mascara, foundation, and lipstick. Some people go as far as to use it in place of certain cosmetics—opting for a light tapping of light-reflective oil along their cheekbones instead of using a traditional highlighter. Or swiping it across their lips for an all-natural, moisturizing gloss.

But probably the most common use for coconut oil (of the apparent thousands of uses) is as a hair oil. People swear that it speeds up the rate of hair growth, contributing to long, strong Rapunzel-like locks in no time. It's a nice thought, but is it true? There seems to be little scientific evidence to prove it, which is why we reached out directly to the experts. Keep reading to see what doctors and haircare experts have to say about using coconut oil for hair growth.