Exclusive: Coco Rocha Shares the Secret to Her Amazing Arms

We caught up with Coco Rocha at a recent party for Clarisonic’s first-ever artist collaboration with the late Keith Haring (we're totally in love with the Mia 2, $150). When she’s not traveling the world and striking her signature poses in front of the camera, Rocha is a complete girl next door—that is, if the girl next door is a leggy supermodel with killer chiseled cheekbones. Her charm and wit shined as bright as her mile-wide smile, and as cliché as it sounds, she really was twice as stunning in person. We wanted to get the inside scoop on how she stays so fit and flawless despite her crazy-busy lifestyle. To learn Coco’s tips and tricks, keep scrolling!



Being a new mom, how do you find time to stay fit? Because you look amazing—I can’t believe you just had a baby! How do you fit it in?

Rocha: When I was pregnant I did work out. I made it a point to work out, and I had of course doctor’s approval and all that. But when I finally had a baby, I think that was thanks to pre-baby when I was working out so much that my body kind of got back into it. But also when you have a kid you realize that is a workout. Holding a baby that’s a 20-pounder that doesn’t walk is a lot of work. My arms have never looked better.

Is there a workout move that you despise but you do anyway because you know it’s so good?

Rocha: What is it called, a plank? When I was pregnant, I was doing that, and oh my goodness, it was just, I hated it so much. But you just knew your muscles were doing what they needed to be doing. Anything where my body is shaking, which is my workout, I hate.

But my favorite workout is dance. I think that if you are working out and focused on getting fit, do something that you like. You will go further to your goal than just doing something that you hate. You will do that once or twice and be done with it. So if you love dance, do that. If it’s tennis, do that. Take the time to do whatever it is that you love, and sure enough, you’ll be pumped to keep going.



You’ve worked with so many amazing people backstage at shows. What’s the best backstage beauty tip you’ve ever gotten?

Rocha: Pat McGrath is the best at what she does. Her technique is in using her hands, so there are people out there who go out and buy a ton of brushes to put lipstick on, to contour—whatever it is. And this woman uses her hands all over your face, and that is pretty amazing. She can do the best red lipstick on my lips without any sort of pencil. It’s just her fingers—it’s pretty amazing. Is that a tip? I don’t know, but she’s really good at it, and it’s also shown me I don’t have to go buy every cool lip liner thingamabob. It’s made me realize you can just use your hands and be successful.



Which celebrity do you draw beauty inspiration from?

Rocha: When I got my hair cut, I was obsessed with Tilda Swinton. I was all about it. I took all of her photos when I had my short haircut and was like, What did she wear? How is her makeup? She didn’t really wear much makeup, so we avoided that because I love makeup! [Laughs.] So yeah, looking at everything she did just to see how she styled her hair.



Now that you're a mother, what beauty advice would you give to young girls today?

Rocha: Well I think that when it comes to beauty, practice. A lot of girls for some reason will see like a YouTube channel and they try on, say, a new eyeliner or a new eyebrow and they go out that night. And then unfortunately they look back at that photo, maybe a few years, maybe a few days, and think, What was I thinking? So it’s practice. Take it off, put it back on. Take it off, put it back on until you have it right, and then you go out at night.

This interview has been shortened and edited for content.

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