Coco Jones Shares the One Hilary Banks Outfit She's Keeping From "Bel-Air"

Plus, the "elaborate" nighttime routine that helps her wind down.

Coco Jones smiling

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While sitcoms and fashion don't necessarily go hand-in-hand, there are quite a few comedic legends in television's style hall of fame. Of course, Fran Fine and her colorful, standout costumes from The Nanny make the list, as does Rachel Green and her perfectly '90s outfits from Friends. And then there's Hilary Banks. The beloved character graced our TV screens for the better half of a decade on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but the legacy of her iconic wardrobe lived on long after the show wrapped.

So when a reboot of the classic '90s show was announced, fans of the original series were eager to see which actress was up to the challenge of filling Banks's incredibly stylish shoes. It was the role of a lifetime, and no one was better fit for it than the multi-talented Coco Jones. The actress, singer, and former Disney Channel star is a burgeoning fashion icon herself, and was a natural choice to play the reimagined character, who is focused on parlaying her social media following into a career as a professional chef in the reboot.

"We are both very headstrong and driven. We see a vision for ourselves, and we're not going to let anybody tell us that it isn't going to happen," Jones tells us about the similarities between herself and the modernized Hilary in the new drama, which premiered on Peacock on February 13.

Set in modern-day America, Bel-Air reimagines the beloved sitcom with a fresh take on Will Smith’s complicated journey from the streets of Philadelphia to the suburbs of California. Although the topics on the show are serious, Jones happily shares that there’s nothing but "brotherly love and sisterly affection" on set. "We have really become like a family in a way. We have inside jokes," she says of her cast mates. "The working environment is really positive. We are all giving the right energy to make this project something great, something historic." 

Below, we caught up with Jones to learn more about her self-care routine, her best beauty tips, and what she's learned from playing the iconic Hilary Banks.

The One Thing She Learned From Hilary Banks

"In fashion, I've learned to take more risks in the colors that I choose to wear. I recently learned that I feel better when I dress in brighter colors.

"I also learned that I can express myself through my eye makeup. I've never done a lot of eyeshadow before, but Hilary is such a fashionista, her eyeshadow always matches her outfit."

The One Outfit She Would Take From Hilary’s Closet

"I would definitely take some of her outfits. I mean, I'm trying to work on that currently—I'll let you know how that goes! 

"One of my favorite outfits from Hilary is this blue-and-white Balmain set. The checkered print gives off a Clueless type of vibe. It's really really cute."

The One Thing That Keeps Her Hair Healthy on Set

"I turn to updos and ponytails to give my hair a break from the heat of re-straightening my hair. Extensions also protect my natural hair because I’m not directly curling, hairspraying, and dyeing it."

The One Thing That Wakes Her Wake Up

"Depending on how much sleep I got the night before, I work out in the morning because I feel like it wakes me up and it gets me ready for the day. I like how I look when I've been in the gym consistently. 

"After that, I try to take a moment to read a devotional, do some journaling, or write a gratitude list before I start running around. I use this time to be grateful and to prepare my mind and my spirit for the day ahead. If you wake up and you just feel like it's going to be a bad day, that's probably how your day is going to pan out."

The One Thing She Does After a Long Day

"Eat! I love a good dinner after I’ve worked hard. I like a really satisfying meal. Honestly, there's nothing consistent but a couple things popped into my head; maybe ramen, a salmon meal, or a miso cod. That’s one of my favorite types of fish."

The One Thing She Does to Wind Down

"To wind down, I indulge in a really elaborate nighttime routine. I like to use body scrubs, hydrating lotions, and all those things that are kind of unnecessary, but they just make you feel good."

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