The “Coastal Cowgirl” Trend Proves It’s Going To Be a Horse Girl Summer

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Kendall Jenner wearing a dress and cowboy hat on the beach.


Even though we are just a few weeks into spring 2023, TikTok has already pinned down the aesthetic of summer: coastal cowgirl. The hashtag #coastalcowgirl has over 46 million views on TikTok, and seemingly dozens of creators are embracing the trend for both spring and summer. Now, before you roll your eyes at the idea of yet another microtrend, this compounded aesthetic is just a hybrid of two other popular trends from last summer, coastal grandmother and country western. Luckily, this means you probably already have coastal cowgirl-inspired pieces in your wardrobe, which you can easily incorporate into your summer looks.

To fully understand what this trend is all about, we went straight to the blueprint and self-proclaimed horse girl, Paige Lorenze. The influencer and brand founder of Dairy Boy is the embodiment of coastal vibes meets Western fashion, so there’s no one better to help us capture the microtrend. Below, seven outfits to embrace your inner horse girl with Lorenze's coastal cowgirl essentials.

Cowgirl Boots

Lorenze says that authentic leather cowgirl boots are “a must” when capturing the coastal cowgirl look. Her brand of choice? Tecovas. Offset your Western footwear with a flowy floral top and a long denim skirt for that “frolicking in a field” look.

Ribbed Tank Top

One of Lorenze’s essentials is definitely something you already have in your closet—a ribbed, cotton, high-neck tank top. Give the everyday basic the coastal cowgirl treatment by styling with a denim jacket and a flowy maxi skirt.

Distressed and Worn-In Denim Shorts

Another coastal cowgirl staple you probably already have from seasons past? Distressed denim shorts. Lorenze says vintage shorts or jeans are a go-to for her. “I’m launching Dairy Boy denim soon, and the pieces have been essential in my wardrobe,” she adds.

Old Flannel

The coastal cowgirl aesthetic is rooted in comfort and wearability, so of course, Lorenze says an old flannel is one of her favorite pieces in her wardrobe. “I tend to steal my dad's, but thrift stores also have great ones,” she shares.

Straw Hat

No coastal cowgirl is complete without a straw hat. Lorenze tells us, “A Lack Of Color straw or felt hat is the perfect coastal cowgirl accessory. They make such quality ones.” Pair your favorite straw hat with a ruffled bikini for the ultimate beach look.

White, Ruffled Dress

When it comes to dresses, the Dairy Boy founder says that ruffles are key. “Urban Outfitters has the best white, ruffled dresses that are perfect for the summer,” shares Lorenze.

Trucker Hat

Trucker hats are another must. “The Dairy Boy Horse Trucker Hat brings together my love for the outdoors and dressing for the barn,” she says. Style your hat in true Lorenze fashion with a work jacket and long denim shorts.

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