8 Free Beauty Services You Can Get at Coachella This Year


Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty

Ah, Coachella. As weekend one dawns, we're readying ourselves for a full few days of dancing/swaying to our favorite bands, copious SPF application, and photo ops aplenty. But before you snap your next main grid photo, we highly recommend making a pit stop at Sephora's (air-conditioned, WiFi-equipped) beauty tent, which is basically going to be a playground for beauty lovers. Need a makeup touch-up? What about some holographic hair spray? Makeup artists and hairstylists will be available at the tent to amp up your festival beauty cred. As seasoned Coachella goers, we can fully attest to the necessity of a sacred beauty space where sweaty foreheads can be mattified and dusty hair can be made clean again. Thank you, Sephora, for ensuring our #CoachellaSelfies will be on point.

Weekend 1

— Touch up your makeup: There’ll be an array of Sephora Collection products for you to experiment with and to take your look to the next level. Plus, Sephora Collection national makeup artist Helen Phillips will be at the tent to offer advice on finding the perfect shade of metallic lipstick.

— Refresh your hair: Soak up the dirt and dust with a bar full of Bumble and Bumble dry shampoos and thickening sprays.

— Add color to your hair: Try Hush’s temporary hair dyes for mermaid strands.

— Give holographic hair a try: Test the IGK Holographic Hair Foam ($22), a glittery foam that changes color as your hair moves in the light.

Weekend 2

— Touch up your makeup: Like with weekend one, you’ll have plenty of Sephora Collection goodies to play with.

— Add color to your hair: Try Hush’s temporary hair dyes for mermaid strands.

— Try a hair stencil: Yes, they’re a thing.

— Get braided: Stop by Amika’s braid bar and embrace your inner flower child

Need some hair inspiration? Watch the video below for three ideas.