Festival-Worthy Hair and Makeup, Because Coachella Is Almost Here

Updated 04/06/17
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Hear that? It's the fields of Indio calling your name. Coachella is just a few weeks away, and if you're like us, you're still in need of some hair and makeup inspiration. Sure, we could go with the traditional braid or flower-crown routes, but why not switch things up this year? Jenny Bernheim of Margo & Me gave us an exclusive first look at one of the three Coachella beauty looks she created with makeup artist Fiona Stiles and hairstylist Ryan Richman. We're getting Ziggy Stardust vibes from the gold hair accessories and negative-space cat eye. Keep scrolling to find out how to re-create this look yourself!

coacheall hair and makeup - coachella makeup
Cibelle Levi

"We all know my love for the classic cat eye, and I love this modern take on it with this look." — Jenny Bernheim

coachella hair and makeup - coachella beauty
Cibelle Levi

"Start the look by drawing the shape with a neutral pencil. Don't use a gel pencil; use a wood pencil. Once you have your shape, use a gel pen to follow that shape as your stencil to create that thick black line." — Fiona Stiles

Expert Tip: Fill in that negative space! We used Pat McGrath's Gold 001 and 005; mix the two together to create this color. (Ed note: For a similar effect, try Maybelline's ColorTattoo 24HR Cream Gel Eye Shadow, $5, in Gold.)

coachella hair and makeup - coachella hairstyles
Cibelle Levi

"The great thing about this look is the less effort you put in, the cooler it looks. After waving your hair with a large curling iron, section your hair vertically at the ears. The hair in front of your ears is what you will use to pull to the back. Split the hair in front of the ears into two sections on each side horizontally. Take the top sections, and pull back loosely and clip with one Small Circle Clip ($24) from Jen Atkin's collection for Chloe and Isabel. Make sure the clip is centered to the back of the head.

"Pull back the bottom sections and secure with the second Small Circle Clip. Experiment by using braids and twists on the sections you pull back to enhance the look. Finish with Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray ($14) to create a soft, lived-in texture." — Ryan Richman

Expert Tip: Use your fingers instead of a comb to create cool, natural partings. Flyaways are a must!

Head over to Bernheim's blog MargoandMe.com tomorrow to see the rest of the festival-ready looks from this shoot.

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