Forget Glass Skin—"Cloudless Skin" Is the Latest Korean Skincare Trend

“Your outfit’s sick.” “You look smoking hot.” “Your face beat has me shook.” It’s hard to imagine a non-American millennial taking any of these statements as compliments—and yet, here we are. As lovers of language, we fully embrace colorful, creative uses of the written and spoken word, especially when it comes to showing appreciation. Thus, our ears perked up when our friends Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, co-founders of Korean beauty website Glow Recipe, clued us in on the “ultimate skin compliment” in Korea. “It’s when you hear ‘pibu mal ga boh yuh!’ which directly translates to ‘your skin is so cloudless!’” Lee explains. We’re familiar with glass skin and honey skin, but "cloudless skin"? We were intrigued (and also very appreciative of the Korean affinity for appealing skin metaphors).