There's a New Kind of Moisturizer, and Sephora Can't Keep It in Stock


Isabella Behravan

If I have little patience for marketing gimmicks, it's because as an editor, I'm plagued by so many on a regular basis. (Sorry, but I'm still not impressed by unicorn highlighter.) That being said, there are usually a couple factors that indicate that a product is worth the hype. For starters, if it's an undeniable best seller—beauty fans don't just buy it; they buy it again (and again and again). The second marker of a legit winner is if it boasts an expert seal of approval.

So upon hearing that a certain new kind of moisturizer called "cloud cream" was flying off the shelves at Sephora, there was plenty of cause for intrigue. What is cloud cream? Would it give make my perpetually dry complexion the consistency of a soft, water-packed cloud, or did the moniker have more to do with the fluffy white texture of the moisturizer? Upon further investigation (including deferral to a dermatologist), I would learn that it's a bit of both—and that not only is cloud cream a new and effective category to watch, but the niche term is also far more nuanced than anticipated.

Keep reading to learn how cloud cream can transform your skin, and which product is a number one best seller at Sephora.