23 Pieces to Bring Out Your Water Sign

This is a love letter to all my water signs out there.

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Lack of Color / Leeada / Mango

Even if you’re not wrapped up in horoscopes, you probably know something about zodiac signs because everyone talks about them today. As a proud cancer, I have excused my personality plenty of times as a result of my zodiac sign.

More than individual signs, all zodiacs are grouped into four elements: Earth, air, fire, and water. There are a thousand traits and personalities in between, but each sign is influenced by its element. For water signs, which includes cancers, scorpios, and pisces, there is a deep intelligence and general grace like waves of water. There is also a certain level of emotional awareness, both through empathy with others and being in tune with yourself.

The beautiful thing about zodiac signs is they can be affirming of your identity and personality. And fashion is just like that. You can put something on your body to represent your inner self as you share your external self with the world.

From shoes to jackets, watches, and more, these pieces are an ode to intelligence, being emotionally in tune, and the way water flows. From a cancer's emotional connectedness to a scorpio's profundity, these pieces complement water signs through their blue color, sustainable elements, and more. Below, 23 pieces that speak to the essence of water signs.

Knit Sweater
Krost Knit Sweater $175.00

This pure cotton sweater takes on the nature of water with its flowy, oversized fit and baby blue color. Made by NYC-based and nonprofit dedicated brand Krost, a portion of purchases from the sweater go to organizations including March for Our Lives and local food banks.

Snoozewear Blanket Robe
Casper Snoozewear Blanket Robe $169.00

This may not be something super wearable outside, but it’s still something to have in your closet. Designed like a duvet, this robe by Casper is a wearable blanket. Tuck yourself in, and we promise you’ll soon feel like you’re being hugged by gentle waves.

Print Dress With Knot
Zara Print Dress With Knot $70.00

Elegant and printed with blue flowers, Zara’s new dress is the one you put on to feel free and mysterious. Not only does its loose fit allow comfort and wind-blowing-mystery, but the cutout in the front takes it a notch up from basics.

TA3 Plungey $178.00

It would be characteristic for a water sign to also like spending time by the water. If you lean more towards the beach than staring at waves from a rocky outlook, then you need the right swimsuit. This is the moment for the shape-flattering TA3 one-piece to shine. Made with an adjustable tie at the back to best fit you, this swimsuit lets you feel good and look good, too.

The Minimalist
Londre The Minimalist $119.00

Another swimsuit option for water signs is something that fits your body well and blends in to the blue of water. This Canada-based and woman-owned brand focuses on sustainability and bodywear. Not only does the swimsuit use recycled plastic bottles, but the soft fabric and low-cut back is shape enhancing.

Louis Junior Spikes Orlato
Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Orlato $950.00

Louboutin shoes are most popular for their distinctly red lacquer bottoms on high heels. But the French shoe maison also makes stylish sneakers, like the Orlato. This particular sneaker has spikes on the toe cap and glitter on the side panels that reflects light like a water sign’s waves glinting.

Dream Scene
Mistress Rocks Dream Scene $119.00

These mules combine a square toe with a stiletto for an alluring but casual look. Made with an earthy tone, these shoes are the color of rocks often lining shores. Pair this shoe with a trendy flare pant or fitted midi dress.

Oversized Bamboo Shirt
Storets Oversized Bamboo Shirt $99.00

Just like water signs are in tune with others, they’re also in tune with the surrounding environment. Sustainability, then, is always a plus. This shirt is special because it’s made with 100% bamboo, which needs fewer resources to grow than other plant fibers like cotton.

Jackie 1961 Medium Shoulder Bag
Gucci Jackie 1961 Medium Shoulder Bag $2,800.00

Shoulder bags are back from the early 2000s with a vengeance. Rather than the typical crossbody, the shoulder bag snugly sits under your arm and still leaves you largely hands-free. Gucci’s signature shoulder bag is named after former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, who was caught with hers by paparazzi all the time. This simplicity of this modern version complements the deep intuition of water signs.

Print Midi Dress
Nocturne Print Midi Dress $125.00

Printed with ornate designs, this dress flows just like water. The best part is that its not tied to a particular season—you can wear this in any season and just play around with your accessories.

Le Pliage Green Large Shoulder Bag
Longchamp Le Pliage Green Large Shoulder Bag $155.00

As a water sign, yes, it’s cool to wear blue. But it can get old. For all the blue pieces that bring out your zodiac, pair them with blue’s fellow primary color: Yellow. This tote from Longchamp’s recent sustainable line is a classic bag with a minimalistic silhouette that can fit a lot (like your laptop and then a lot more) and folds up into a small, portable version.

Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie
Lululemon Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie $118.00

Nothing says water like something that has the silhouette of scuba diving gear. Lululemon's oversized and soft hoodie is exactly what you want to wear after a workout or one of those days when you need lots of comfort. The scuba hoodie is soft and breathable but still fashionable with its waist-length.

The Essential Tote
Rothy's The Essential Tote $275.00

When you carry this bag, you’ll always have water with you. The Essential Tote is made with marine plastic and thread spun from plastic bottles. Rothy’s is a brand that stands by its commitment to sustainability and fashionably functional fashion. This tote is the spacious and organized bag you need. 

Chanel Slingbacks $1,000.00

Dating back to its 1957 release, Chanel’s slingback is a classic piece. This modern slingback features a lower heel for more comfort. This particular version of blue denim print is where high fashion meets workwear.

High Tide Earrings
Tiffany & Co. High Tide Earrings $2,650.00

Inspired by the sea, these gorgeous earrings mimic the shape of waves colliding. Especially for water signs, there is nothing more graceful to complement your face with than Tiffany’s High Tide earrings.

Q Timex Malibu 36mm Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch
Timex Q Timex Malibu 36mm Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch $189.00

As much as water signs can appreciate long walks by the beach and sessions of staring at waves, it's still important to keep an eye on the clock. Timex’s spring release is inspired by Malibu beaches and golden hour in California. This Q Timex is inspired by a Timex heritage watch and features signature features of the brand like a rotating bezel and functional battery compartment.

Trim Tweed Jacket
Mango Trim Tweed Jacket $70.00

Reminiscent of the design of Chanel’s original jacket, Mango’s take on the jacket combines multi-colored tweed with denim trim. The great thing about a jacket like this is that it can be styled dressy or casual with something like a pair of easygoing denim shorts or Mango's matching mini skirt.

Model 000
Atoms Model 000 $129.00

Water signs often have a deep emotional intelligence that is apparent in their fascinating level of creativity. This pair of sneakers from shoe start-up brand Atoms is the versatile and minimalistic sneaker just right for creatives. Not only is the shoe amazingly comfortable, but it's made with recycled brass eyelets and an antimicrobial lining to help avoid stinky feet smells. This sneaker gets bonus points for sustainability and a thoughtful design.

The Inca Bucket
Lack of Color The Inca Bucket $129.00

For the days you spend by the water, stay stylish and protected from the sun with this Lack of Color hat. Rather than being your typical cotton bucket hat or typical straw hat, this updated version mixes both styles for something new and still very functional.

Gorg Girls Tote
Wasi Clothing Gorg Girls Tote $28.00

“Gorgeous gorgeous girls” is practically a TikTok anthem at this point. Whatever follows the phrase gets its praise, and this tote celebrates reusable bags. Rather than using more plastic to pollute the planet and its oceans, water signs can especially appreciate this message. The LA-based and Bolivian-American owned brand has a mission of creating safe spaces for people of color and being as sustainable as possible in the fashion industry.

Catalina Pearl Bracelet
Leeada Catalina Pearl Bracelet $85.00

Straight from water, this bracelet features a genuine pearl on a gold-plated chain. Pearls are currently trending, especially when mixed with modern looks like a chain bracelet. This stylish piece from Leeada beautifully complements water signs with a gemstone of the elements.

Emma Suede Glove
Veronica Beard Emma Suede Glove $117.00

In case you haven’t heard, gloves are making a comeback. Like many vintage styles that are getting their time to shine again, gloves are the once forgotten way to complement your hands and arms. These luxurious gloves, colored just like lake water, are made of suede goatskin and lined with silk. That means they'll feel great, look even better, and last a long time.

Magnafied Clog $295.00

Emotionally in-tune water signs have probably listened to Daniel Caesar plenty of times. Though its not one of his deep cuts, water signs will still appreciate these Japanese denim clogs for that reason. Made of the same material his mellow, vibey song is named after, these shoes complement its ease and nonchalance.

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