This New Perfume Line Contains Notes Made From Absinthe, Cocaine, and Opium

When we think of the ingredients that compose our favorite scents, we think of those that are naturally sourced and super fragrant. For example, it's likely that your favorite fragrance starts off with a heavy base note of musk. After that, maybe it has a floral mid-note that's thanks to something like rose, gardenia, or honeysuckle. Finally, the top notes might come from a fresh sharp-smelling plant like mint or citrus.

Even though every fragrance is unique, those are what we would consider to be traditional perfume ingredients. What we wouldn't consider to be traditional fragrance ingredients, however, are plants that are used in the making of illegal narcotics. Yet that's exactly what one British brand is using to create its newest fragrance collection.

Let us introduce you to Clive Christian's new Addictive Arts Collection, which harnesses the scents of "mood- and mind-enhancing narcotics," to create a super-luxurious (and somewhat illicit) set of fragrances that retail for a casual $825 a bottle. Seriously. Keep reading to see these new fragrances for yourself.

Head to Bergdorf Goodman to see all the fragrances that are part of this collection. Until then, check out the winter fragrances that will make you feel like you're wearing a cozy sweater.

Opening Image: @clivechristianperfume