Reviewed: Clinique Even Better Glow Perfecting Makeup

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When it comes to base products, I've tried them all. From powders to liquids and tinted moisturisers to sticks, I've waded my way through the world of base products on that seemingly never-ending search for the perfect one.

As a result, my criteria are pretty tough. Yes, there are plenty of great foundations out there that will meet all sorts of different skin concerns, but for me and my combination skin, the perfect foundation must have sturdy coverage without completely masking my skin. It has to feel light, not cakey. It must be available in plenty of shades that flatter a spectrum of undertones, and the finish must be nothing short of glowy. Since it's so rare for a formula to tick every single box, I was dubious when I came across Clinique's new Even Better Glow Perfecting Makeup ($30) last week. Keep scrolling, and I'll let you know what I think of it.

Clinique Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup
Clinique Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup $30

If I could summarise this foundation in one word, let it be this: Dreamy.

Firstly, it comes in an impressive 30 shades that cover the entire spectrum of skin tones, so I'm confident you can find your match. It's a little runnier than most liquid foundations, but that means that it blends so easily, especially with a damp Beauty Blender ($16). I tend to finish off by buffing it in with a fluffy face brush to work it into the skin, and once fully in place, it does not slip and slide down cheeks or across the forehead like so many of its peers.

As for coverage, put it this way—it completely masked the spots that had buried their way into my chin, but it didn't go flaky later in the day, and I could lighten up on my concealer use. The finish is so, so glowy, thanks to the sort of light-reflecting pearl pigments you'll find in highlighters, but it isn't greasy in the slightest. It simply gives skin the kind of sheen that comes after a heavy slathering of moisturiser.

Even better still, it promises to improve the appearance of your skin over time, thanks to exfoliating ingredients and brightening vitamin C. I only recently started using it, so the jury is still out on whether it can live up to that claim. But for the instant gratification at least, mark my words, it's never leaving my makeup bag.

Next up, we discovered the trick to getting powder foundation just right.

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